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Deejay Corny wrote on Thu 05 Jan 12
Wish you a healthy 2012 and lost's of good times dj-ing!
jcsus wrote on Sun 28 Feb 10
i have the same glitch problem with my mac when I have two turntables running whenever I search it gets messed up you find a solution yet? Only thing I found to work was just running it off one turntable
dj rozqui wrote on Mon 24 Aug 09
i have a serato time coded vinyl also and i really like the accuracy of serato's control vinyl! i like scratching and forever i will be a turntablist same as you! and as you said i would like to thank atomix for allowing other timecoded hardwares to be used on their software. thats why i like all the people here in vdj because they are open for all

For the record (pun intended), the Serato timecodes are way better than the VirtualVinyl timecodes. I had the following problems with VV timecodes:

-fluctuating timecode % signal quality (I spent so much time checking cables, needles and settings within VV thinking it was everything BUT the timecodes).
-I had 6 VV timecodes and all of them were ever so slightly warped (convex). For example, when you used them with the red label facing up they were ok, but when you used them with the blue label facing up they were way too 'slippy' so when you released the record it wouldn't catch on the slipmat properly and it would take a half a second to get going.
-They had to be specially ordered and were more expensive (you can by Serato timecodes everywhere).
-I don't know if it was just my imagination but they seemed to collect dust more quickly. It seemed like I was having to brush a big ball of lint off the needles and clean the vinyls more often than with the Serato timecodes.
-Backspins with VV timecodes were not smooth. The song would stutter when doing a backspin.
-Scratching with Serato timecodes is much more accurate (less sticker drift).
-Overall playback is more reliable. I was finding with VV timecodes I would often get little hiccups here and there when playing a track so most of the time I would have to switch over to 'internal' mode after starting a track. Now that I'm using Serato timecodes I feel confident to leave VV in vinyl mode.
-Serato timecodes come in different colours!

All of that said, I give kudos to Atomix for implementing the ability to use a competitor's timecodes because now I have the option to use better quality timecodes and all of the problems listed above have been pretty much eliminated. The end result is I can spend less time worrying about little quirks and more time concentrating on the music. The one thing I miss though is that the graphic on the VV timecode label matched the roatating LED display on my TTXs and the virtual jog wheel on my VV skin :(

dj rozqui wrote on Mon 24 Aug 09
hey dizzy! i added you as a friend! thanks! keep spinning those precious records
spinnaJ wrote on Sat 06 Sep 08
Hey dizzy how ya doing;)