Hello. Hope all is well.. My name is Cristiano. AKA DJ CritiCaliber

I am new With the VirtualDJ program and the reason i bought it was to help my mom bring her restaurant/club up from the ashes of the recession... I want to get a karaoke night going as well i hear this is possible but i dont know where to start, i dont have a projecter or the screen nor do i know which models are best to use for karaoke in a large area.. Also i was curious to know if there is a small limited of karaoke songs available because if the are unlimited methods of getting karaoke songs with subtitles then it will Def. be worth all the trouble. Hope someone can save me some...

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DJTroy wrote on Wed 14 Apr 10
- Where to start? --> You have already started! LOL! - Get your music collection together and ripped. There are forms here that cover that. -Create your song books and request slips. Find examples on Google. -Test the system until your are confident in it's function. -Get your friends together (invite a bad drunk or a trouble maker!) for a couple of (private) parties so you can get used working the system and working with the demands' of drunks ;)

- A projector is optional. You can tap the the TV feed and feed your signal to all TVs in the venue (RF Modulator). Many of my customers do not have projectors...

-As for brand, that is all about budget ;) Learn how to read the technical specifications (lumen, contrast ratio, etc...) then compare 'apples to apples'. I find 3K projectors are great. The better the output, the more ambient light you can overcome. A low output projector needs a 'black' room. My 3K gives GOOD video under white florescent, can be viewed outdoor during twilight and KICKS ASS in a 'black' room!

-As for Karaoke sources, there are many forms here that cover that. Google works for that too. I own originals for all of my songs (Karaoke and Video).
DJRudeDoGG wrote on Sun 21 Feb 10
Have you checked out my YouTube channel? I have have videos explaining how to rip CD+G discs to your hard drive as well as how to use VDJ to run karaoke..

Look through my video list to find the ones you need. If you have any further questions, PM me here and we can go from there.

Good Luck!


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DJ Lucky Luciano wrote on Fri 19 Feb 10
thanks for add,
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