"Dj FISH" Scott Fisher


computerrandy82 wrote on Sun 17 May 15
"""Listen up everyone""" VIRTUAL DJ 8 USERS!!!! I was VERY upset at first when we lost Content Unlimited. Net Search always worked but the sound and audio quality was TERRIBLE. Anyways I figured out how to get HIGH QUALITY songs each and every time. Plus Net Search will find more songs and remixes than Content Unlimited did.

1. Go to the setting menu in VDJ8.
2. Check the show advanced options BOX.
3. Click on + to expand the Internet options menu.
4. At the bottom of the menu is the NETSEARCH VIDEO QUALITY setting. Set it to hd1080.
5. Close the settings menu taking you back to the VDJ main screen. and THATS IT!! :) You now have high quality Net Search Music.