How Do?

My name is Chris age 32.
After saving all summer I bought my first pair of plastic Sound Lab vinyl decks in 1992 age 12 and spent every last sec teaching myself to beat match etc. I also played an embarrassing amount of Euro dance at my local youth club in exchange for new vinyl.

Between 16 & 18 I was studying sound engineering and working with local Mobile Discos...


dJ_ro_(ecu) wrote on Thu 05 May 11
One question... Where I can by Virtual Vinyl, and how much I´ll be pay for this¿?¿?
PsychoMantis23 wrote on Fri 01 Oct 10
hey man this is a bit of a late reply haha, i just havent been online in a while but thanks for agreeing me. i still think theres room for improvement regarding cue points and the sound, hopefully vdj 7 will be it
i wish vdj would
Charlie Wilson wrote on Tue 02 Feb 10
Two item numbers for things I currently have for sale on ebay 320482257112 320482355839
DjFiness wrote on Fri 08 Jan 10
Just added you. "learning how to scratch" ehh, you should post some clips of your progress...
marksmolinski wrote on Sat 20 Jun 09
thanks for the add :)
DjMorpheo22 wrote on Sun 26 Apr 09
Hi, I added you on my friend's list ! ;-)

Bye ! Morpheo
MCJULI wrote on Fri 10 Apr 09
Hi, i add you on my friends list :o)

Greeetz McJuli
dj fandos wrote on Mon 26 Jan 09
ok lo hare dime en que resolucion lo quieres y cual de mis skin
vj angelo wrote on Fri 16 Jan 09
Thanks for add! :-))
by Vj Angelo
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