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DjApan wrote on Tue 28 Jul 15
sas parakalw pws mporw na epikoinwnisw exw megalo provlima me to virtual
NytroMix wrote on Wed 02 Apr 14
Just wanted to send you a big THANK YOU for the ATI/AMD graphics fix you created. I was going crazy trying to figure out what was wrong and thought I was going to have to buy another laptop. You're a true asset to this community!
dj food wrote on Mon 21 Oct 13
se ekana add sto facebook kai patises akiro !!!
oraios xaxaxaxaxaxaxa
MrMusic wrote on Sun 01 Apr 12
Hi, it was nice to meet you on the Prolight & Sound 2012 !!!
Mr_T wrote on Sun 25 Mar 12
Hey George, nice to meet you. Great Job in Frankfurt.
I hope we see us next time
anachronX wrote on Sun 25 Mar 12
Good Job in Frankfurt 2012! Nice to meet you!
DJTAKIS wrote on Mon 10 Oct 11
Apopsis ekana register to serial number tis basic sto profile mou.Ti prepei na kanw twra???8a brw akrh h tsampa ta 80E......
djclivo wrote on Sun 26 Jun 11
I have question for you,i used cdj 400 before with vdj,now i have new mac pro with cdj 900.I tried to connect the mac with cdj 400 but doest not respond.It doesnt recognize the usb in the cdj900,but the mac recognize the cdj 900.could u help me please
djsx wrote on Thu 10 Mar 11
πως μπορώ να μεταφέρω τα cue points από προηγούμενη έκδοση (3.4) στην 7 ??? Ευχαριστώ.....dj.ksipo@hotmail.com
dj gain wrote on Tue 14 Dec 10
how can i map the vms4 crossfader so that it,s working on screen as in moving across
qanjo wrote on Sun 27 Sep 09
can u give me the serieal