My name is Andrea, I started DJing over 22YEARS ago! ( you do the math) Like many, I started off with vinyls, eventually made myself learn on CD’s and ………..finally, I felt it was time to retire! I did both mobile & night club gigs for many years. Just felt it was time to get out while I was still on top of my game. I have been out of the DJ circuit for well over 10 years, until I received a call a month ago from a new night club owner in my area. They heard my name around and wanted to know if I still spinning, OF COURSE I didn’t say NO……….heck someone remembered me!...

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tayla wrote on Fri 30 Nov 12
damn, think my brain has gone to mulch today...
tayla wrote on Fri 30 Nov 12
Oh... thanks for the add
tayla wrote on Fri 30 Nov 12
We def need more "sistas" but Renee will tell you I'm just a pig... lol
dj bernel wrote on Tue 17 Jan 12
wish you all the best in 2012.... enjoy and have fun in the world of Djing.....
Deejay Corny wrote on Sun 27 Nov 11
I AGREE with Renee: too few female deejays around here... Welcome back to the DJ scene! My story is like yours, and I'm beginning to wonder if there are many of us "returners"... ;)
SPIN SISTA wrote on Thu 28 Apr 11
Ha Ha ha - good thing I can spin! I never even looked at this page....so here is my very belated HELLO, and great to hear from you all....
djrenee wrote on Sat 25 Dec 10
Hey Andrea and welcome to VDJ. It's good to see a few "Sistas". The Testosterone level around here is somewhere between 9-10 with FULL DISTORTION. LMAO
kidogg wrote on Tue 16 Nov 10
Oh by the way cute smile.
farhanashraf wrote on Mon 25 Oct 10
whats goin on