Hi, I'm George!
I started to involve with dj-ing in 1992. I have been a Digital Jockey since 1998, and from year 2000 and afterwards I've went EXCLUSIVELY Digital (meaning that I don't use other media for my gigs).
I have been involved with some dj software titles development and beta testing all these years, and of course I've been an active member of various dj communities.
I have worked as an audio engineer for several years, mainly in the PA field covering various live performances from small bands up to some big names of the industry.
Currently I'm a resident Dj on a small club of a small town in Greece, and in collaboration with...
 The CDS4 Skin

Fri 04 Nov 11 @ 9:00 am

The CDS4 (Community Driven Skin 4 Decks) has been released and it's available for download from HERE
First of all I would like to thank (and give credit) to MeowMix for his original concept.
After that I would like to thank all the members of VirtualDj Forum Community that provided ideas during the development of the skin. This skin was named "Community Driven Skin" after them...
Before I start my presentation of the skin, I would like to say that because of the complexity of some functions users asked for, this is the second skin that relies on an external plug-in to work 100% as designed.
In order to get the most out of it you will have to download and install TWO plug-ins:
WatchDog and
SBDJ Battery Status

Enough with the talking, let's get some pics!

CDS4 Comes with three different color schemes. Just choose the one you like most:

You should now see the "default" view of CDS4:

Take a few time to hover your mouse over the buttons of the skin. You should notice that EVERY SINGLE button has a tooltip that describes it's function. This is something that you should pay attention! Most of the buttons do several things, and not only what's printed on them. Normal Click with Right Click is different on most cases, while there are cases that holding (or right click holding) a button will also do different things.
PS: If you don't see any tooltips at all, go to Configuration of VirtualDj and enable them until you become familiar with the functions of the skin.

Take a closer look on the top bar:
You should see the battery meter, the clock, the Premium Membership indicator (it turns RED if you are a premium member) and the CPU meter.
On the center of the screen you should see the beatkeeper area. It consists of a 4 beat pattern visualization for each deck, and a phaser which works with a Left/Right logic.
Next to the beatkeeper you should see the master volume and pfl controls. Hover your mouse over the white speaker... This is a "PANIC" button. It will mute the main sound of VDJ. However for security reasons it will ONLY work with a right-click (just in case you hit it accidentally while you're trying to adjust the main volume or balance... ;)
Finally there are 5 buttons: The first three control the central area of the skin. They change it between "Mixer", "Scratch" and "Video"
The fourth button hides the rythm view with a normal click or changes the rythm view pattern with right click.
Finally the last button has 3 functions for use with controllers: Left Click: "Refresh Controllers" , Left Click Holding: "ReInit Controllers" and Right Click: "ReScan Controllers"

As it has been mentioned already, the rythmview window can be hidden:

If it's visible you may notice that at it's left side there are 4 buttons: "L-R","ALL", "1-2", "3-4"
These buttons change which decks you see on the rythmview window.