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I've been a DJ and VJ for years, started out at CDs and Decks - VJ'd with Betamax, VHS and VideoCD, and converted to mostly digital djing sometime in 1998. WAY ahead of my time. Been working with...

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carlos cordero wrote on Fri 06 Jul 18
ocupo el maper de la dj2go2
Nemisius wrote on Wed 19 May 10
Video works good now on VDJ on the Mac!
Nemisius wrote on Tue 12 Jan 10
Played with the New Years Eve addition on the 1.8ghz Macbook Pro, Video works much better now ! Still has issues with 2 H264 files playing at the same time.... Kinda bummed out like back in 2003. The ATI card can support 8 H264 streams at 720x480 natively.... Almost there guys...