MMM Bear
I am a Musician, Artist, DJ Digital/Vinyl I Love house, Club, Jazz, Classical, Eclectic Music. My inspirations in house music Are some of the greatest Dj's on the planet. As a young man I sat in clubs next to or on top of the speakers and listened to Tee Scott, Tony Humphries, Hippie, Larry Paterson, Larry L, Louie V David M, These are just some of the Mixologist that touched My soul. Today these Artist are still tearing up the dance floor growing in music quality yet still remaining committed to true house music.

Wed 21 Mar 18 @ 8:33 pm

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Wed 21 Mar 18 @ 8:16 pm

I'm looking at a new movement in House, Club, Pop and Disco. The remix of legendary beats seems to be going back into the create.Thanks to a set of young new, innovative, and musically driven Dj's. For a long time we've dusted the classics off played remixed and then remixed the remix. "Please Stop" DAMN how much more do you think your going to get out of that one song? The re-re-re-remix is where great music gets played to death. But the new mixologist are giving some of the Dj's a run for there money. Now the crowds on the dance floor (The ones who aren't holding there cell phones) are looking at the Legends to start dropping vocal tracks with a new beat i.e. (Original Shit) and it's working. The sound of House that's now being played is keeping the dance floor bouncing. No more cake throwing dropping the bass for seven minutes while you reboot your PC. House music is the soundtrack of life and should be respected not programmed with a 7:30 min beat with a whisper of a hook then sold as House Music.