Sorry, I don’t have a thrilling BIO.

In 2007 i want to make a step further and have a look around. On this way, to here and now, I meet a lot of very friendly and helpful people.

Now i'm using VirtualDJ and have more fun then ever.

Those great DJ’s bring my little music flame back to a big pumping fire storm.
 2 Soundcards with Home Free and Broadcaster

Tue 23 Aug 11 @ 5:19 am

Prelisten with a external soundcard USB
To configure the headphones on Home Free and Broadcast, please try the following.

> Start VDJ and select soundcard config.
> Select the third from the left (Laptop with USB soundcard) and press MORE!

After that, select the at the 2 card options and set them up.

After that, click on APPLY.
Now a popup comes up, this setting will only work for 10min.

NOW – Close VDJ!

Launch VDJ and go back to VDJ Config – Soundcard and select again the third position BUT this time do NOT press MORE!

Now it should work!