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FLUFFXMUSIC wrote on Mon 01 Jan 18
Hi, i upgraded from VDJ 8 to VDJ 8.2 today, and the Function for searching the track isn't working properly while the track is playing, though it is when its not. The script thats bugged is on the SHIFT button script and is (shift & wheel_mode 'search' while_pressed) and is the default setting for my controller.


The bug consists of it triggering a goto command that jumps 4 beats instead of a smooth search command when the (shift & wheel_mode 'search' while_pressed) is used while playback of the selected track.

It triggers a normal 'search' command just as it would regularly when the (shift & wheel_mode 'search' while_pressed) is used while there is no playback of selected track.

This problem was not present in the VDJ 8 build and i was free to use my Shift Search Function without problem with both the track playing and not playing

HELP, so far i've found nothing online and soon my only choice will be to revert back to version 8.

WIN 10
VDJ 8.2
All drivers ect are up to date

Thank you very much