What's goin on my Virtual DJ folks? You've reached the profile of Dolla Debonair. Actually I've been a DJ since 1992 back when all you needed was 2 turntables and a mic to make tapes and I was actually a part of 2 rap groups (Unique Styles) and (The OutKast Pimp Squad) but we never really made any noise just made tapes and passed them around in the neighborhood. In 1993 I graduated from Junior High and my moms wanted to throw me the best party ever so she hooked up some fliers for my party and it was 2 older dudes in my neighborhood that actually DJ'ed and I looked up to them so one of them I asked to DJ my party and he agreed but when the day came he flaked out so I ended up DJing my own party and I did real good and that's how people got to know who I was and from then on out I was...


djspankk wrote on Mon 22 Jul 13
i have a question. when i use my virtual dj video to mix the video starts to stutter and freeze WHEN I PRESS REC and when i un check the lil box saids USE HARDWARE ACCELERATION and i press rec it don't work so what i need to do to straighten this issue out i bought a new good video card and ram so what should i do djcel i been having this problem since couple months bro i see other ppl mixing videos and they don't have the same problem im having sir please help me i'm a member on virtual dj i bought this program here online.
djnico20007 wrote on Wed 21 Mar 12
por favor que se haga versiones separadas de 32 y 64bits, asi como hay de mac y pc, se podrian separar tambien para uso con 32bits y 64bits, para los que tienen hasta 4gb y hasta 8gb de ram, estariamos agrecidos, bote abajo el que me apoya, para que esto se tome en cuenta...
dj castilo wrote on Mon 19 Sep 11
downloas efectos para dj y loops beats gratis vivitanos en nuestra pagina atte latinproductions -- >
farhanashraf wrote on Wed 17 Feb 10
thanks man!
farhanashraf wrote on Mon 18 Jan 10
hey whats up man, sorry i just saw ur message on my wall, how r ya, just updated my info, check em out, thanks!
sharshar wrote on Tue 29 Sep 09
i waz Away 4 holidays :) also chilling but in the beach
sharshar wrote on Thu 24 Sep 09
waz up? long time
Umirk wrote on Tue 14 Jul 09
thank for add