Dj waLLy1
So was sup people am a new boy that know was sup with music....i love it....i started wen i was about 7 years old ass a drumer. till today am 22years old. I let go of the drums about wen i turned 19. I still needed music in my dads a musician runs in the blood! So i guess thats wen i picked up dj ing....
I consider my self a mobile dj. I move around alot am always doing different things. So am always looking for new stuff and how to upgrade. Heres a pic of wat i do now. Small but it works...the speackers are not in the picture, but all have them up later!...2 self powered Eon Jbl speackers...they do the job..


farhanashraf wrote on Wed 18 Feb 09
hey man, did u find any effect for rmx like u asked for?
djlaboricualicious wrote on Thu 09 Oct 08
hey what's up, it's dj laboricualicious. i have a question maybe you can help me out?
bcmgnytv wrote on Thu 04 Sep 08
do not uninstall trial version, then install pro version, then you will see hercules rmx in controller profile.
bcmgnytv wrote on Thu 04 Sep 08
install virtual dj pro over the trial version, it will work.