Being a open format DJ, when DJ Nak made the jump into Video DJing, he wanted to stay true to his open format roots and, at the same time, true to his new found love for Video DJing, and with that, the quest for content began, digging and searching for hard to find video to create custom content. With the desire to not stray away from his audio roots, but to bring another level of excitement and entertainment into the mix, DJ Nak quickly gained notice from some of the worlds best video content providers. Vj-Pro/SmashVision asked him to come on board as a featured remix video editor and shortly after that the world renowned Crooklyn Clan did the same. Not only is DJ Nak providing quality Audio/Video entertainment locally, his video remixes and edits are being played all over North...

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jbovalley wrote on Tue 02 Dec 08
Hey , I seem to have the same problem as you posted on the Virtual Dj Forum. Did you find a solution ? If so can you please post it..thanks for your help....JB