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I play a wide range from Bluegrass gospel to Rap


DJSandyB wrote on Tue 18 Jul 17
Volume leveling is still a problem no matter what is done to gain settings in VDJ any version I have ever used and the newest one I use now. prescaned gains even change from one boot up to another I don't understand how this is not a problem. I find it very IRRITATING to have to adjust gains over and over. (Yes I am set to auto and remember) we should be able to pre scan files for volume leveling like much cheaper programs do with no problem. They can play the same song at the same level every time it is ask to with out any gain adjustment from me, and can do it on more than one machine simple by loading the database from the other machine and not re scanning the files. Yes I know most of you here like to play with the buttons but I have other things to do. When I'm not busy I like to mix a little too.
DJSandyB wrote on Sun 12 Mar 17
Starting to like VDJ 8