Marze has been in the Aotearoa DJ community for over 10 years, influenced by his big sister’s vinyl collection and her love of Hip Hop music. Honing his craft in the Dunedin scene creating positive club vibes and solidifying his place amongst the NZ music underground supporting heavyweights Beau Jeffries and Max Dad E (Dudstown Recordings), DJ Shan and DJ Sirvere (S.A.S), Scribe, Sidney Diamond, Smashproof, Dei Hamo, Savage, Devolo (Deceptikonz), Six60 and Maseo (De La Soul).

Co-founding Leaky Hut Productions in 2006 with childhood friend Munz, the pair had a vision to form a community of like-minded creatives. Marze helped to produce over 15 mixtapes, organise Hip Hop...

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dj castilo wrote on Mon 19 Sep 11
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dj ho productions wrote on Sun 26 Dec 10
Hey what's up, best wishes from Dj Ho.
lcmxr6 wrote on Thu 04 Mar 10
Yo DjMarze I downloaded Your Mix vol.4 very nice !
dj ho productions wrote on Fri 17 Jul 09
Hey Bro, I was wondering if you could help me to set up my torq conectiv with virtual dj. I have the time codes for Virtual Dj and I'm trying to set it up with conectiv, but I can't seem to figure it out.
vj angelo wrote on Thu 25 Dec 08
Buon Natale:))
Merry Christmas :))
djchris73 wrote on Mon 01 Sep 08
Thanks for the add, brother...Looks like you use Time Codes exclusively....
TearEmUp wrote on Sun 31 Aug 08
Thanks for the Add!!!!