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DJ-Spark wrote on Mon 16 Sep 13
Merci Lylian !!
dj lylian wrote on Tue 03 Sep 13
Happy Birthday Alex profite de ta journée et fête ça comme il se doit ;)
proson wrote on Wed 14 Aug 13
j'allais oublié, merci pour l'ajout...
proson wrote on Wed 14 Aug 13
merci pour les liens ci-dessous. c'est très sympa.
Pro Son db
dj lylian wrote on Wed 01 May 13
Wow bravo pour ton new statut de Papy modo ;)
TENDEZA11 wrote on Wed 16 Nov 11
Hi please assist me,I am a police officer but in real sense wish to a DJ.I have no controllers attached to my laptop what I use to DJ with is VDJ 7 Pro.Here is my question does the big dot of the cbg when matched with that of another songs cbg are the beat matched too and if not how can I beat match.Please assist DJ-Spark am from Kenya.
Bruno VT wrote on Thu 24 Feb 11
Merci pour ton post ;)
michel franck wrote on Sun 02 Jan 11
je t'ai ajouter a ma liste d'amis
animation pagopago wrote on Mon 18 Oct 10
oups C'EST non ien sur animation pagopago
animation pagopago wrote on Mon 18 Oct 10
salut alex je suis enregistrer sur le nom ce christian @+
skyko wrote on Fri 20 Aug 10
merci a toi aussi bon mix
dj lylian wrote on Sun 23 May 10
merci pour l'ajout ;)
nonossx wrote on Wed 28 Apr 10
merci ;o)
a très vite!!