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captainjd wrote on Mon 21 Jan 13
Hi, i just bought a DDJ Ergo-V. The headhone plug work, but not the master out2. I already checked out the cue & the headphone button. I pluggued it in the 'aux' input of my BOSE LIFESTYLE home theatre. Headphones were alright but there wasn't any sound coming from the speakers. How can i fix it?
Armonico wrote on Thu 09 Jun 11
Hi, i have 2x cdj-400 and 1x DJM-400 and VDJ on Mac...yesterday i was using them all together with no problems and now i can't seem to get them working seperately...when ever i press eject on one they both change from "deck 1 too Deck 2" or visa you know what is wrong? and what i can do to fix it?
jrwalliss wrote on Sat 16 Apr 11
hi there ive just moved across to laptop and vdj. the club i work in has just installed the new pioneer 900 nexus mixer with built in sound cards and direct connectivity via the usb socket. however i dont know how to do this i still use the cdjs with timecodes can i do away with all my cables and map the pioneer 900 crossfade to crossfade my video's regards john
Bigdaddywalker wrote on Mon 13 Dec 10
Hey crew, I just bought the DJM 5000 and MEP 7000 and I am trying to sync it with my Virtual DJ and can't seem to get it to work together. I am using Windows 7 with an HP computer, can anyone help with the proper settings? Thanks, BDW wrote on Sat 23 Oct 10
Hi there guys I have just brought the Pioneer cdj 2000's and the pioneer djm 2000 I'm a club and mobile Dj with video and have been using before the new kit the cdj 400's and djm 5000 with pcdj vj this all worked fine with the midi controls. Ok to the point now my new stuff dont work with pcdj vj. So I have borught virtual dj pro, so now my cdj 2000's work in midi/hid but I can not get my djm 2000 to midi to it when I mess about with the fuctions on the lcd screen in midi it shows it on the virtual dj that it is mapping but when I go to use it it wont work.I need this to work realy bad as I wont it to control the crossfader for the videos and need to activate the live cam from mixer as well 'O' and the sync would be cool.
I'm hoping you can use the 3 at once others wise I'm gutted and wasted £200 on this software. Realy hope to hear soon guys.

As you may of gussed this is my first ever post (sorry) If you need to get me my phone number is on my website

Best Regards
cbrbrett wrote on Sat 27 Feb 10 it possible to get vdj to emulate the smart loop functions of the cdj400s
pmel22_99 wrote on Mon 18 Jan 10
I am running the MEP-7000
pmel22_99 wrote on Mon 18 Jan 10
Do you happen to know if pioneer will be coming out with a 64 Asio driver soon? Every computer on the market now is 64 bit.
DJ-Pulse wrote on Mon 11 Jan 10
Please ask the VDJ guys within the forums for problems with the mapping!
djexcalibur wrote on Thu 24 Dec 09
CDJ 2000's Problem

I also have a problem I'm running virtual vinyl and updated to the newest version 6 3. First to the pioneer rep, everything seems to be working fine on the cdj end. I connect the cdj to VV and all the buttons seem to work and work great, but the platter is not.. when you grab the patter and move it a loop starts and thats what seems to let you move the track like you would if you where using time code's and 50% of the time when you let the platter go at any part it continuous to play fine but the other 50% of the time the loop stays on and your track is now in a off beat loop... the only way to stop the loop is to hit the reloop/exit button a couple of times or touch the platter again for a second but then you just fuck up your mix if its on time.... I hope you can tell me why its doing this... i will post a video soon if you like of whats happening...
trogui wrote on Thu 24 Dec 09
help -conect vdj+cdj400 and mac