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Andrew friends



Deejay Corny wrote on Thu 05 Jan 12
Happy you guys are here... Have a healthy 2012!
dJ_ro_(ecu) wrote on Tue 22 Nov 11
Hi Andres...
audiotech520 wrote on Wed 09 Nov 11
Is there a way I could be a beta tester for v8? I have a lot of experience when it comes to that.
dj castilo wrote on Sat 15 Oct 11
descarga loops and beats para djs efectos de sonido solamente para djs y son gratis gracias visitanos alli -- >
triggers100 wrote on Sun 02 Oct 11
it was good to see you at bpm got in some of the pic .
Deejay Corny wrote on Mon 13 Jun 11
Hi there ANDREW! I've added you to my friends, because anyone from Atomix Productions, anyone involved in making and improving Virtual DJ is my friend! Thank you for such a nice software. (Just stumbled upon your post about the members of Atomix) ;)
moramax wrote on Wed 13 Oct 10
i love the sixteen!! ;)
GadgetMan wrote on Wed 06 Oct 10
Good to meet you at BPM in the UK. Thanks for making the trip over...
DJ Advise wrote on Mon 19 Apr 10
I have suggested this service almost 3 years ago to services like Promo Only, Top Hit's, and others, finally someone has seen the light. Not only will I welcome this with an open mind, it will be the way of the future. It will be what should have been since the era of Netflix, and other on demand services. Good luck, and God speed to your advocate. I can't thank your R&D enough.
Where can I sign up? I want it now!
Thanks you very much
Mauro Luna
Spazialex DJ wrote on Fri 18 Dec 09 only for VDJ Friends ,-)
moramax wrote on Thu 02 Jul 09
Hi Andrew!!
DjMorpheo22 wrote on Sun 26 Apr 09
Hi, I added you on my friend's list ! ;-)

Bye ! Morpheo