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Fri 20 Apr 12 @ 1:20 pm

Here are the steps and requirements on how to use your Iphone as an external (wireless) webcam for the "Camera" plug-in on VDJ.

Apple Computer - Imac, MacbookPro, MacbookAir with OS X 10.5 or higher
"Virtual DJ Pro 7.0.5" - to download the plug-in (Camera) by SBDJ
Iphone4, Iphone4S, IpodTouch4 with the latest IOS 5.1 (It might also work with Iphone3-but I haven't tested yet)
AppStore/Itunes Account to download the app "PocketCam"

1. Download and install "PockeControl" on your Mac from here:

2. Download and install "PocketCam" on you Iphone/IpodTouch from the AppStore. Try the "free" lite version and upgrade to full-version later.

3. Download "Camera" plug-in from VDJ website:
Move or copy the bundle/zip file to VirtualDJ - Plugins - Video Effect (or depending where you install your VirtualDJ folder)
Double click the file to make sure it unzips and install. If warning message occur, click OK.

4. Turn OFF your bluetooth from your Iphone settings and open PocketCam app. You will be offered to buy the full version. Click "continue" to skip purchase. Below your Iphone you will see "Searching PocketCam Server" in red text.

5. Double click PocketControl icon on your Mac. Go Video tab. Iphone-capture and Mac-display will sync right away.

For users with external monitor (projector or TV), go to System Preference - Display - Arrangement and "Un-Check" Mirror displays, Detect displays by clicking the left and right mini-monitors inside the box.
Users without external monitor can use the built-in Window preview of VDJ.

6. Open VDJ. Go to Config, Video tab, select you output on the dropdown-list, Click "Activate" (checkmark on box) and click OK.

7. Load a video file (mp4. .vob .mov) either on left or right deck and play it to make sure your video output is running.

8. Go to EFFECTS tab, select Video Effects, then click SBDJ Camera (it will get highlighted in green).
Move the 1st slider on top gently to show Camera ID 1 on lower text display. (If this not your Camera ID try going left and right - my Iphone is on Camera ID 1 by default - Zero (0) is the built-in webcam.) 2nd slider - Transparency should be all the way to the right while testing.

9. Click Activate (the center box) or the Video Effects button on your controller...

10. Your Iphone-capture will show-up on your extended monitor - Projector/TV (or in your Mac built-in window). You can now play around with the other sliders for more fun!

Goodluck and Enjoy!

Post your questions if you come accross with problems.