Anthony Reynolds, the man behind the reMedyz, born November 18, 1986, began his music career at a young age. Growing up in the small town of Cullman, Alabama, he always knew that electronic dance music would be a key part of his life. In 1998, Anthony began digging deeper and deeper into the electronic dance scene and with inspirations from many big name DJs, he quickly started exploring the art of the DJ. In 2000 and throughout his high school years, Anthony developed an ear for great music, creating several unpublished mashups and remixes simply as a hobby and to show his love for music. It wasn’t until after high school that the name, reMedyz started to form. reMedyz then began his producing career in 2007 and released his first collaboration album with DJ Fate entitled, Fate vs. Remedyz, on March 28, 2008. Still producing, reMedyz started his own radio show, The Way I Worship, in June 2008 which is broadcasted live from his studio every Thursday.

“The passion I have for this industry is unreal. I produce and DJ solely because it takes me places I could never go on my own. God has truly blessed me with a talent that only he can provide and I am just thankful that he provides for me each and every day.” -reMedyz

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