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 Denon DN-MC6000 Configuration And Troubleshooting

Wed 19 Jan 11 @ 6:15 am

4 deck internal software mixer configruation:

For 4 deck software mixing using the software mixer built into VirtualDJ via all 4 channel sliders, set the following:

  • Set the switch on back of DN-MC6000 to PC MIX

  • Select MIDI as the source for each channel.

  • Press CF Mode to choose both AUDIO and VIDEO (Or if you prefer to use the crossfader for video only, choose VIDEO.)

  • In VirtualDJ, go to CONFIG -> Sound Setup and set your sound settings as follows:

    Inputs: Line INs
    Outputs: Headphones (Master: Chan 1&2 / Headphones: Chan 3&4)
    Sound card: ASIO -> Denon ASIO Driver (Mac: 4-out card -> DN-MC6000)

  • Click APPLY

2 deck external hardware mixer configruation:

For 2 deck (Left/right) hardware audio mixing using the hardware mixing capabilities of the DN-MC6000 via the middle two channels, set the following:

  • Set the switch on back of DN-MC6000 to INT MIX

  • Select USB/MIDI as the source for the middle two channels.

  • Press CF Mode to choose VIDEO.

    IMPORTANT: Make sure that the AUDIO light is off, otherwise you will also control the internal software mixer of VirtualDJ and will not be able to headphone pre-listen from the MC6000. This is because the audio is faded out by VirtualDJ before it reaches the sound card of the MC6000 and its hardware mixer. Make sure that the software crossfader in VirtualDJ is always in the centre.

    Alternatively, in VirtualDJ Pro you can disable the software audio crossfader in VirtualDJ itself by going to CONFIG -> Options and setting Crossfader to Disabled.

  • In VirtualDJ, go to CONFIG -> Sound Setup and set your sound settings as follows:

    Inputs: Line INs
    Outputs: External Mixer
    Sound card: ASIO -> Denon ASIO Driver (Mac: 4-out card -> DN-MC6000)

  • Click APPLY

  • In previous firmware there was a bug that would still send the position of the crossfader, volume sliders and EQ knobs to VirtualDJ at start-up in INT MIX mode, which may result in these not being in their default positions and affecting audio mixing via the real mixer in the DN-MC6000.

    This problem is now fixed in the latest firmware, which can be downloaded from:

    For older firmware, a work around is to go to CONFIG -> Mappers, choose the DN-MC6000 in the drop-down list and click + (Add.) Choose ONINIT in the drop-down list and enter the following in the Action: box:

    crossfader 50% & deck 1 volume 100% & deck 1 eq_low 50% & deck 1 eq_mid 50% & deck 1 eq_high 50% & deck 2 volume 100% & deck 2 eq_low 50% & deck 2 eq_mid 50% & deck 2 eq_high 50% & deck 3 volume 100% & deck 3 eq_low 50% & deck 3 eq_mid 50% & deck 3 eq_high 50% & deck 4 volume 100% & deck 4 eq_low 50% & deck 4 eq_mid 50% & deck 4 eq_high 50%

    Alternatively, change the mappings for VOLUME, EQ_HIGH, EQ_MID, EQ_LOW and CROSSFADER to: nothing

    This will disable each of these controls (If you wish to use it as a software mixer again in future, you will need to change them back to volume, eq_high, eq_mid, eq_low and crossfader respectively.)

VirtualDJ Pro only: If you wish to change the order of the software MIDI mixer channels (PC MIX mode only) to 3 -> 1 -> 2 -> 4 instead of 1 -> 2 -> 3 -> 4 :

  • Go to CONFIG -> Mappers and choose the Denon DN-MC6000 in the drop-down list.

  • Find the mapping for VOLUME

  • Change the mapping Action: to the following:

    action_deck 1 ? deck 3 volume_slider : action_deck 2 ? deck 1 volume_slider : action_deck 3 ? deck 2 volume_slider : deck 4 volume_slider

  • Repeat the above for the following other items, replacing each occurrence of volume_slider with the appropriate verb as indicated below:

    PFL: pfl
    EQ_LOW: eq_low
    EQ_MID: eq_mid
    EQ_HIGH: eq_high
    GAIN: gain_slider

NOTE: Custom mapping is only possible in the full VirtualDJ Professional. If you are using VirtualDJ LE (Limited Edition) that comes with the DN-MC6000, you will need to upgrade at a discount by going to

Windows WDM audio instead of ASIO

VirtualDJ Pro on Windows PC only: if you wish to use WDM drivers instead of ASIO, you can do this via advanced sound configuration. WDM drivers do not allow low latency audio (Important for fast scratch response), but are more simple and less susceptible to issues such as sound break-up, stuttering, etc.

  • Go to CONFIG -> Sound Setup and choose Outputs: Advanced

  • Then click [+] and add the following:

    4 deck software mixing (PC MIX):

    Master | Speakers (MC6000) | Output 1&2
    Headphones | Speakers (MC6000) | Output 3&4

    2 deck hardware mixing (INT MIX):

    Deck 1 | Speakers (MC6000) | Output 1&2
    Deck 2 | Speakers (MC6000) | Output 3&4

  • Click APPLY.

NOTE: If you have problems with sound break-up, stuttering, etc. when using the ASIO driver, you may have performance issues with your computer and/or incorrect configuration in VirtualDJ. Please see for a list of common causes and their solutions.


  • Make sure that the PC / Mac switch on the back of the DN-MC6000 is set correctly for the type of computer that you are using using.

  • If you experience problems with the DN-MC6000 controller freezing, please download and install the latest drivers and firmware from (A complete guide on how to update your firmware can be found here.

  • If the LOAD B button does not function, this means that you are running an out-of-date version of VirtualDJ. Please update to the latest version (v7.0.2 or later) by registering your serial number on the page (If you have not done so already) and then going to the Download Center:

  • If the ASIO driver fails to install, make sure that you are logged in as a user with administrator permissions and UAC (User Account Control) in Windows Vista or 7 is disabled. For instructions on how to disable UAC, please search Google for: disable uac

  • If the DN-MC6000 refuses to work as a MIDI controller or only appears in CONFIG -> Mappers as Simple MIDI Wrapper then you may have accidentally changed the MIDI channel by pressing SHIFT + SAMPLER/EFFECTS/RECORD. To correct this problem, press SHIFT + BROWSE to set it back to the default MIDI channels.

  • If a jogwheel will not scratch, press SHIFT + << to turn scratching (Vinyl mode) on.

  • If you prefer scratch turned off, press SHIFT + >> to turn scratching off (The jogwheel will always pitch bend when the song is playing.)

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