Became a member of Virtual DJ Staff in 2014. Providing support in the Forums, Facebook and Live Chat. I also do a lot of skin development in between support here and my full-time job.

UK based DJ, originally from London and now based near Norwich. DJ as and when i chose to, if the monies right and its a nice venue then i'm in.
Over the years I have DJ's at many venues around London, Bristol and spent a season in Corfu.

Growing up around the time of UK Garage and the introduction of mainstream house music means my style has adapted over the years, but still love a good old school garage mix down. Playing any venue with any music from cheese and party, to drum and bass. If I've got it, I'll play it.
Did Karaoke also whilst in Corfu but haven't kept the collection up-to-date but you never know - maybe one day.

Prior to DJing i was a venue manager for many years and whilst i enjoyed the work a few bad experiences with some not very nice people meant i wanted out.

Self Taught Skinner for Virtual DJ, with guidance and support of many over the years DJ Format and DJDad to name just 2.

Creator of BlackSheep Series of Virtual DJ Skins.

Mac & Win VJ (2009)
MacSkin (2009)
RMX Video (2009)
TouchSkin (2009)
TouchPanel (2009)
The BlackSheep (2009)
BlackSheep (2010)
BlackSheep Ultimate (2010)

BlackSheepHD (2014)
Altern8 (2014)
MidnightBlueHD (2014)
TaylaMadeVideo (2014) - CREDIT TAYLA
VDJ 8 Browser Zoom (2014)
GreySheepHD (2014)

BlackSheepX (2015 - In Development)
  • 2 Deck and 4 Deck variations
  • Change the Background Color
  • Change the Deck Colors Independently
  • Change the Browser Color
  • View Key Information at a Glance
  • Great for VJ's and KJ's
  • Controller Options with minimum buttons
  • Pads to reflect your controller
  • Plus much much more
Expected Mid 2015

iBlackSheep for iPhone (2010)
VDJ8 Pads for iRemote (2014)

BlackSheepX for iRemote (In Development)
Expected Late 2015

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