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schmidi_0 (Professional edition user)wrote on Thu 09 Aug 12 @ 9:58 pmWhats up man, like your track tastes in the early 80's disco boogie era, so I thought I'd friend you up!


DJ Schmidi
vj angelo (Professional edition user)wrote on Sat 06 Jun 09 @ 9:41 amThanks for add:-)
by Vj Angelo
=>> Musica Per I Vostri Occhi <<=
listen2 (Moderator)wrote on Mon 04 May 09 @ 1:46 pmhey what up dude? I check my page not as often as i should :) how you been?
DjMorpheo22 (Experienced pro user)wrote on Sun 26 Apr 09 @ 2:58 amHi, I added you on my friend's list ! ;-)

Bye ! Morpheo
aubs123 (Professional edition user)wrote on Thu 23 Apr 09 @ 4:45 pmthanks for the add !!
Haui70 (Atomix Productions)wrote on Thu 23 Apr 09 @ 12:29 pmHy EJ, thx! I hope all is fine, see ya! ;-)
jimmy b (VIP Member)wrote on Thu 23 Apr 09 @ 2:06 amThanks mate :)
TearEmUp (Senior Moderator)wrote on Wed 22 Apr 09 @ 11:24 pmHey, EJ..thanks for the add..peace T
listen2 (Moderator)wrote on Thu 02 Apr 09 @ 8:31 amhey hey .. not much here man, just doing my thing. Whats going on with you?
djcity (VIP Member)wrote on Mon 09 Feb 09 @ 5:58 pmStopping by to say hi. Keep the people dancin, Keep the party rockin, Keep the money flowin in.
djcity (VIP Member)wrote on Wed 19 Nov 08 @ 5:47 pmWhat's up witcha...
I'm just doing my customary "What's up witcha" to keep in touch with my fellow DJ's
Keep the people dancin...
Keep the crowd rockin...
Keep the party movin...
listen2 (Moderator)wrote on Fri 14 Nov 08 @ 8:18 amHey .. i doing alright man good to know your still kicking, but are you sure your eating right??? you look like skin and bones :) keep in touch.