My name is Scott and I am a member of the development team here at Atomix Productions .

I am also a professional working DJ based in the south of England. I took up DJ'ing around 1993 and play all sorts of music at all kinds of venues including bar, club and mobile doing both audio and video work.

You can find me on twitter - SBDJ.


wbbrothers wrote on Mon 14 Sep 15
Hi, Scott. Is there a opinion to get the milk drop effect to Mac???

Christian Wbbrothers
cardwellthomas wrote on Sun 06 Sep 15
Thxs for the friends accept Im also from the early era of the movment. I have also been spinning tracks and production work that are older than most of the festival crowd these days. Started in 90s smashin up messia with smart e's and some of the best early happy to be hardcore!! I like to push the mixes has far as i can take them and mix in songs that people go WTF thats awsome. Im not just a fan of this kind or that kind but anything EDM is my assion from trance to DNB dubstep, funkstep , and anything eles you can call it!! If you want to hear some of my tracks let me know Ill shot you a link or dropbox them to you
locodog wrote on Sat 25 Apr 15
Many thanks for the framework!
mburnes wrote on Sun 22 Mar 15
Scott...I am unable to install Milkdrop8. I am getting the error message "software not installed". My Virtualdj 8 workstation is under a server environment which I am sure is causing this problem. I need to know where the pluggin is looking for the software so I can set permissions to allow it to find and write files. Can you assist me with this problem? Thanks you very much.
kruisink wrote on Mon 08 Dec 14
Scott, got it all figured out on the balance/panning issue. Thanks!!! Nice plugin!
RobRoy wrote on Mon 17 Nov 14
Hi Scott... FYI: just added you :-)
MischiefKnight wrote on Tue 28 Oct 14
Hey Scott... I've been all over the forums on VDJ and Resolume as well as looking into Spout and Wyphon... but I'm still no closer to finding a simple plug in letting me port VDJ video into Resolume or VPT on a PC. Am I missing something? I know there was a thread where you were looking into creating a plugin earlier this year... but I didn't see any links or follow up.

FYI... I ALSO use FireText and a few other Text to Screen options when I'm playing... which is why your plug in would be the perfect workaround when I'm VJing and projection mapping parties and events!!!

Hope to hear from you soon...
VJ Mischief Knight
DJ TAO of TAOTRONX wrote on Tue 21 Oct 14
Thanks 4 all the effects makings!!!!
kdillingham wrote on Thu 16 Oct 14
Sorry for the forum cross post. Was afraid I had posted to wrong place first time. Will keep it to one in the future <haha>
deejaytoo wrote on Mon 29 Sep 14
Hi SBDJ please You Might create or adapt the echo fx (audio) pioneer for virtual 8. thanks

sorry my english
PercyPengin wrote on Sun 01 Jun 14
Thanks for your answer to my post - it was exactly what I wanted. Brilliant :)
VJRebirth wrote on Thu 26 Dec 13
Hey Scott! I sent you a message about the Clipbank plugin. Please let me know your thoughts. Thanks very much! =)
TheDJCoach wrote on Sat 16 Mar 13
Thank you for all you do for this program. The Programmers at VDJ are very talented and make a quality program. You bring real life applications to an already awesome program.
I'm sure that you get this alot. Requests for plugins and whatnot. I've contacted this company and I've tried to contact Atomix. There is a really good program for Karaoke applications called CompuHost. This program is great but lacks the DJ Capabilities and quality that VDJ has to offer. However in VDJ 8 I hear that there is alot of XML based features that might make it easier to program Plugins that offer some of the features of this program in VDJ 8. 1) The program offers a Scrolling line up of your next 8 singers at the bottom of the screen. 2) it databases a list of files specific to each singer (a history of sorts). I know that many of the KJ/DJ/VJ's out there such as myself would give our first born for features like this in VDJ. Is there anything that I could do to help get traction on a plugin like this being programmed? Please if I can help in any way please let me know, or let me know whom to speak with. I appreciate your help in advance!
Regards - Ryan Hitchings (DJ Coach)
djchriscut wrote on Fri 31 Aug 12
Hi Scott, your plugins are at the top of my list when transitioning vids, but i have never been able to get the mask one to work.I have tried renaming the files as you say, but still no joy,am i missing something ? any help would be great..P.s. daft question...i'm trying to use VDJ CUT but i know your gonna say that the amount of letters should'nt matter.