I'm Scott and I am a professional working DJ based in the south of England. I took up DJ'ing around 1993 and play all sorts of music at all kinds of venues including bar, club and mobile doing both audio and video work.

I work for Atomix Productions in a support role.

You can also find me on twitter - SBDJ.

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wbbrothers (Professional edition user)wrote on Wed 27 Aug 14 @ 1:24 pmHi
Thank you for the ShowLogo8 for MAC, but my logo is turned about 180degrees. So top is on bottom, and bottom is on top. Sorry for my english.
Can you help me
chucktown (Professional edition user)wrote on Wed 13 Aug 14 @ 6:02 pmI want iWall back. I was using iWall version 3.6. It is an excellent text to screen, picture to screen program. It used to work with Virtual DJ Pro 7 using freeframe, but today, it does not work at all in Virtual DJ Pro 8. Is there any way we can get this plugin to work again?
wbbrothers (Professional edition user)wrote on Mon 11 Aug 14 @ 12:43 pmHi
Is there a chance to get the milkdrop plugin for an mac.
thanks for an answer
PercyPengin (Professional edition user)wrote on Sun 01 Jun 14 @ 8:11 amThanks for your answer to my post - it was exactly what I wanted. Brilliant :)
VJRebirth (Professional edition user)wrote on Thu 26 Dec 13 @ 3:15 pmHey Scott! I sent you a message about the Clipbank plugin. Please let me know your thoughts. Thanks very much! =)
TheDJCoach (Professional edition user)wrote on Sat 16 Mar 13 @ 6:21 pmThank you for all you do for this program. The Programmers at VDJ are very talented and make a quality program. You bring real life applications to an already awesome program.
I'm sure that you get this alot. Requests for plugins and whatnot. I've contacted this company and I've tried to contact Atomix. There is a really good program for Karaoke applications called CompuHost. This program is great but lacks the DJ Capabilities and quality that VDJ has to offer. However in VDJ 8 I hear that there is alot of XML based features that might make it easier to program Plugins that offer some of the features of this program in VDJ 8. 1) The program offers a Scrolling line up of your next 8 singers at the bottom of the screen. 2) it databases a list of files specific to each singer (a history of sorts). I know that many of the KJ/DJ/VJ's out there such as myself would give our first born for features like this in VDJ. Is there anything that I could do to help get traction on a plugin like this being programmed? Please if I can help in any way please let me know, or let me know whom to speak with. I appreciate your help in advance!
Regards - Ryan Hitchings (DJ Coach)
djchriscut (Limited edition user)wrote on Fri 31 Aug 12 @ 7:10 amHi Scott, your plugins are at the top of my list when transitioning vids, but i have never been able to get the mask one to work.I have tried renaming the files as you say, but still no joy,am i missing something ? any help would be great..P.s. daft question...i'm trying to use VDJ CUT but i know your gonna say that the amount of letters should'nt matter.
schmidi_0 (Professional edition user)wrote on Fri 10 Aug 12 @ 7:07 pmHey man, thought Id friend you since you seem like a really cool person and are so active in the VDJ community! Cheers!
DJPanto (Professional edition user)wrote on Wed 13 Jun 12 @ 5:49 pmGreat Job ! Congratulations.
ianmelville (Professional edition user)wrote on Tue 31 Jan 12 @ 3:53 pmCongrats mate, about time they made you part of the team.
DJ_Potter (Experienced pro user)wrote on Tue 31 Jan 12 @ 9:16 amcongratulations...!! Atomix Productions..!!
dJ_ro_(ecu) (VIP Member)wrote on Mon 23 Jan 12 @ 8:26 pmCongratulation for your nes status... Atomix Poducctions......
Deejay Corny (Professional edition user)wrote on Thu 05 Jan 12 @ 4:36 amWish you a healthy 2012 and lost's of good times dj-ing!
mooncreate (Professional edition user)wrote on Sat 27 Aug 11 @ 9:37 pmWonderful your video transition! More please!