My name is Scott and I am a member of the development team here at Atomix Productions .

I am also a professional working DJ based in the south of England. I took up DJ'ing around 1993 and play all sorts of music at all kinds of venues including bar, club and mobile doing both audio and video work.

You can find me on twitter - SBDJ.

SBDJ friends


freeatlast111 (Professional edition user)wrote on Thu 24 Sep 15 @ 9:33 pmHi there, can you tell me the latest version for virtual dj, i have 8.0.0 pc build 2441.1067. I always update when it asks. the content unlimited doesn't seem as good as it used to be. i get a lot of live versions. thanks for your help. Thanks Wendy
wbbrothers (Professional edition user)wrote on Mon 14 Sep 15 @ 6:58 pmHi, Scott. Is there a opinion to get the milk drop effect to Mac???

Christian Wbbrothers
cardwellthomas (Professional edition user)wrote on Sun 06 Sep 15 @ 6:07 amThxs for the friends accept Im also from the early era of the movment. I have also been spinning tracks and production work that are older than most of the festival crowd these days. Started in 90s smashin up messia with smart e's and some of the best early happy to be hardcore!! I like to push the mixes has far as i can take them and mix in songs that people go WTF thats awsome. Im not just a fan of this kind or that kind but anything EDM is my assion from trance to DNB dubstep, funkstep , and anything eles you can call it!! If you want to hear some of my tracks let me know Ill shot you a link or dropbox them to you
robertmeadows (Professional edition user)wrote on Fri 07 Aug 15 @ 4:05 pmHi, Scott. I'm the guy who complained about the phones. My number is 765-729-6744. Thanks for your reply.
djnick2012 (Professional edition user)wrote on Fri 19 Jun 15 @ 6:40 amyeh thanks for the info about my jog wheel scratching problem but............. I followed ypour instructions and it's still not releasing the scratch and going directly into the song, their's still a split second pause in the music before it continues playing lol, any other info wud be greatly appreciated as this is getting really annoying hahahahahaha
locodog (VIP Member)wrote on Sat 25 Apr 15 @ 6:21 amMany thanks for the framework!
mburnes (Professional edition user)wrote on Sun 22 Mar 15 @ 11:43 pmScott...I am unable to install Milkdrop8. I am getting the error message "software not installed". My Virtualdj 8 workstation is under a server environment which I am sure is causing this problem. I need to know where the pluggin is looking for the software so I can set permissions to allow it to find and write files. Can you assist me with this problem? Thanks you very much.
elstrein (Professional edition user)wrote on Wed 07 Jan 15 @ 1:27 pmHi Scot, Your freestyler plugin is really nice. But the latest version is not completely working well. Can you help us? It's on the freestyler discussion.
kruisink (Professional edition user)wrote on Mon 08 Dec 14 @ 1:19 pmScott, got it all figured out on the balance/panning issue. Thanks!!! Nice plugin!
kruisink (Professional edition user)wrote on Mon 08 Dec 14 @ 12:24 pmScott, can you tell me how to use your 'Balance' plugin? I've installed it, and have it pulled up under effects, but it doesn't do anything. I host karaoke shows, and am trying to pan a multiplex track to the left to get rid of the vocals which are on the right. Thanks!!! David
user8915800 (Limited edition user)wrote on Thu 27 Nov 14 @ 12:04 pmIs it possible for you to give me a call to try and help me navigate this issue?
RobRoy (Team)wrote on Mon 17 Nov 14 @ 1:33 amHi Scott... FYI: just added you :-)
MischiefKnight (Professional edition user)wrote on Tue 28 Oct 14 @ 2:43 pmHey Scott... I've been all over the forums on VDJ and Resolume as well as looking into Spout and Wyphon... but I'm still no closer to finding a simple plug in letting me port VDJ video into Resolume or VPT on a PC. Am I missing something? I know there was a thread where you were looking into creating a plugin earlier this year... but I didn't see any links or follow up.

FYI... I ALSO use FireText and a few other Text to Screen options when I'm playing... which is why your plug in would be the perfect workaround when I'm VJing and projection mapping parties and events!!!

Hope to hear from you soon...
VJ Mischief Knight
Smiddy101 (Limited edition user)wrote on Tue 28 Oct 14 @ 7:42 amHi, i would like to know how does the licences work because i have a license for the Gemini Firstmix PRO but it strarted to give me trouble so i took it back to the store i purchesed it from in order fro them to exchange it or me they did not have any of the same controllers in stock and were not sure if they would have any coming soon so they gave me the NumarkPRO2 now i would like to know do i have to get a new license because i baught ther licence about a month ago and i really cant afford to just spend so much i really enjoy this program it keeps me busy for hours and i know thatyou will be able to assist me and i willhighly appreciate it thank you
DJ TAO of TAOTRONX (Experienced pro user)wrote on Tue 21 Oct 14 @ 6:22 pmThanks 4 all the effects makings!!!!