Sorry, I don’t have a thrilling BIO.

In 2007 i want to make a step further and have a look around. On this way, to here and now, I meet a lot of very friendly and helpful people.

Now i'm using VirtualDJ and have more fun then ever.

Those great DJ’s bring my little music flame back to a big pumping fire storm.
Now my wife and kids must entice me out of my little DJ cellar ;-)

Also it is good to see, that here are so many good “old” (;-) DJ’s @ work.

At the beginning of 2009, i take the chance to be a Virtual DJ on
VirtualDJ Radio!

Thanks to my friends for their inspiration an help!

Greetings from munich, germany!

Love, peace, happiness and always enough electricity for your setup!

Best regards

Seit März 2010 jeden Montag von 20:00Uhr bis 22:00Uhr beim größten Internet Radio Sender Europas www.RauteMusik.FM\House als Bloom.

Klick ;-) --> Nightflight Munich! <-- Klick ;-)

Audio & Video DJ für Apresski, Schlager, Party, 80ger - 90ger, Rock bis Metal und Party House für die Beine!

 2 Soundcards with Home Free and Broadcaster

Tue 23 Aug 11 @ 5:19 am

Prelisten with a external soundcard USB
To configure the headphones on Home Free and Broadcast, please try the following.

> Start VDJ and select soundcard config.
> Select the third from the left (Laptop with USB soundcard) and press MORE!

After that, select the at the 2 card options and set them up.

After that, click on APPLY.
Now a popup comes up, this setting will only work for 10min.

NOW – Close VDJ!

Launch VDJ and go back to VDJ Config – Soundcard and select again the third position BUT this time do NOT press MORE!

Now it should work!