My name is Derek Quintin, and I am from the United States of America, New England. I am employed full-time, I'm a father and I am a full time university student as well. I am currently completing a degree program geared towards a Bachelor of Science in Communication, with concentrations in Marketing and Sales.

I became interested in trying to produce sounds and music on, or about three years ago. Since then I have had the honor of experiencing sound creation on a far more interesting, inspiring and humbled level. So, to those that have joined me, and taken the time to come in contact with insight and valued feedback; THANK YOU!!

I seek to acquire employment in the field of sound production, music composition, brand development, brand strategy, brand design, brand implementation, music promotion and development.

When it comes to music I have a thorough understanding that I shall always be a student, and would love to learn from everyone from the experienced to my peer novice musicians, mixers and composers. Thank you for your taking the time to read my bio in advance!

Blessings to All,

... if you have a chance, please! take a look:

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cardwellthomas (Professional edition user)wrote on Sun 06 Sep 15 @ 6:00 amGOOD stuff man LOVE the vibe and beats!! I like how your using songs that you wouldnt think should go with each other!!! Hit me with a friends request
DJ iQUIZZLE (Professional edition user)wrote on Mon 26 Nov 12 @ 9:41 amhello friends, I see all you guys out there helping me ~ thank you, please view some of my latest tracks created with the aid of Virtual DJ ~
Haui70 (Atomix Productions)wrote on Wed 02 Nov 11 @ 3:01 pmThx mate! :-)
tayla (Ultra-VIP Member)wrote on Tue 20 Sep 11 @ 6:18 pmhey, thanks for the add...
beatbreaker1 (Ultra-VIP Member)wrote on Thu 15 Sep 11 @ 12:19 pmThanks for the add bro! Keep doin your thing home!!!
DJ iQUIZZLE (Professional edition user)wrote on Thu 15 Sep 11 @ 3:01 amno no thank you Morpheo!
DjMorpheo22 (Experienced pro user)wrote on Wed 14 Sep 11 @ 1:28 pmThanks for the add !