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Army Of LoversObsession (DJ Pantelis Remix)

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Snap! feat. RukmaniRame (Mi-8 Deep Version)

Culture Beat - Mr Vain (DJ Pantelis Remix)

Ashibah, Vintage Culture, Earstrip & TorhaSure Thing (Original Mix)

Backstreet BoysBeing Lonely (Mad Morello Remix Edit)

+++ Madonna Holiday (DJ Pantelis Remix)

Buqra AtmacaOrphan Original Mix

HaddawayWhat Is Love (Max Hydra Deep Remix)

Billie Ray MartinYour Loving Arms (DJ Pantelis Remix)

Alex Hook, Rene ยคRight Now (Matvey Emerson Remix)

AshUna Mattina

TomcraftLoneliness (L.O.O.P Remix)

Bryan AdamsSummer of 69 (Juloboy Remix)

Nadia AliRapture (Andy Horizont & Deemitry Remix)

One And One feat. Maria NaylerRobert Miles (video edit with lyric)

Captain Hollywood ProjectMore And More (PDM's Remix)

Alex GaudinoDestination Calabria (Maty Cisneros Dance Remix)

Eurythmics - Here Comes The Rain Again (Freemasons Remix)

Kate Rayan - Voyage (George Airbullet Original Remix Master)

14.Everything but the GirlMissing (DJ Villian Remix)

Ace of BaseCruel Summer (Mr.Nu & Deepjack Remix)