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Topic: Fatal error while DJing live!

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Pretty scary stuff. Imagine I am in bar mixing along some nice house music with VDJ and suddenly after 4 hours I get a Fatal error warning and then my laptop freeze and I have to kill VDJ right in the middle of a set live! No more music for 5 long minutes (next time I will have my ipod as a backup believe me).

I suspect that VDJ had issues with some of my mp3s. Is there such a thing as a corrupt MP3 that still play fine on all mp3 players but cannot be tackle well by VDJ? Is so how can you detect and fix them. I am willing to scan my whole collection if need be. Just tell me of a good software that can do such a job.

For instance, what does it mean when I am able to analyse a song but I get no display of the overall song when I load it on a deck (no little vertical bars telling me the slow parts). Why I cannot get a few song to show their profile even though I get their bpm?

Is there something I can do in advance to prevent any fatal crash like last night? Should I check all my mp3 and if so what should I check?

Has anybody face similar nightmares? I thought VDJ was supposed to be real robust...

Posted Mon 17 Jan 05 @ 4:52 am
I have not had a crash yet.... but is is my big nitemare at gig :)
I have cd (ready to go mix) as backup....

About the analyze problem, its a bug (have the same issue)... and will hopefully be corrected soon.
But it doesn't seem to crash the software.

Software crash (when trying REAL HARD to make it crash at home) is often do to plugins..
Is this the issue for you too?

Also, make sure that anti-virus and other background apps are turned off, so they dont interfere.

And as always, keep your gig pc as cleen as possible!!!
This is VERY important..
Either use it for cleen windows install + virtual dj only (or as cleen as possible), or make a 2nd partition on harddrive for your "dj install" where you only have windows and VDJ.

reason being that spyware, software installs etc will sooner or later cause problems for a PC, even for the OS (windows), because of bad drivers, missing files & drivers etc

just a few thoughts...


Posted Mon 17 Jan 05 @ 1:59 pm

I believe there is such a thing as a corrupt MP3 file, but the questions I would ask are, were you playing a new track that was never played before your gig, does the track play ok after, was it a track that doesn't show you an overall layout ?

When you don't get the overall layout of your track displayed, it means that the track is longer than the time you have allowed in your configuration - "Max Load"

So if your track had exceeded your Max Load setting, then not all of the track was loaded into memory and so your machine begins the game of manipulating the data from disk.... you could have run into some sort of conflict there... especially if your RAM is less than 512MB.


Posted Mon 31 Jan 05 @ 3:48 am
DJ RickPRO InfinityMember since 2003
I've never encountered such problems.
I have 36,000 mp3 files. Most of them I ripped myself. They are all either 160, or 192 CBR files. I've seen people post similar questions before, but I would have to wonder what is the difference between the files you are having problems with, and the files that work OK?

Posted Wed 02 Feb 05 @ 3:18 am
vpcdjHome userMember since 2004
with your problem like dude said your file is longer than the max load. i had the same panic yesterday. but with me i know the file was under 10 minutes but i think since it is a vbr file vdj reads it different (from winamp).
i wanted to create a topic about how well vdj handles vbr files. my 2004 to date files are all vbr and i'm unsure about how vdj handles them.
that one vbr file showed a time way longer than the winamp time. when i right click on winamp it shows the format (192 vbr) but vdj shows it as 128.
i actually deleted a lot of my files thinking they were 128 coz i usually delete anything less than 160. and since vdj doesnt show the file size i thought the files were really 128 and deleted them. then days later i realized vdj doesnt show all my 192 vbr files as 192.

Posted Sat 05 Feb 05 @ 3:08 pm
Man-TkPRO InfinityMember since 2004
don-t use VBR

Posted Sat 05 Feb 05 @ 3:53 pm
BarglerPRO InfinityMember since 2004
VBR is definitely bad with VDJ.

Posted Sat 05 Feb 05 @ 9:23 pm
Late reply to the subject...
I agree with dj-in-norway.
There is a way of tweaking Windows with a different boot-up profile, subject hardware profiles.
Check http://www.blackviper.com/ for more helpful info in tweaking Windows. I use 2 profiles, 1 original and 1 with some DLL's, services and other stuff disabled. By pressing [ctrl+alt+delete] you can also manage the PRIORITY of VDJ. Right-klick on virtualdj.exe and choose HIGH. This gives VDJ a bigger priority thus making it smoother.

Posted Fri 04 Mar 05 @ 3:50 pm
Well its a little late now to not use VBR. This is certainly not a well publicized problem. Is better VBR support being work on, I hope?

Posted Fri 04 Mar 05 @ 5:01 pm
I can scratch the fuck out of a VBR mp3 anyday. same with ogg, or wav.
VDJ is just so damn picky about running. your PC needs to be in tip top shape, with every single driver up to date, and 0 (Zero) serious IRQ conflicts.

prorgams, accessories, system tools, system information
click hardware resources, and then conflicts/sharing

go into your device manager, and make sure there are no "!"

Posted Sun 06 Mar 05 @ 3:21 am
well.. i've been there and seen a crash happen, wasn't a gig as such, more of a birthday party, it was a good time to get to know the crowd.

Thankfully there were two of us, so while my mate reset the computer, i got up to the front of the stange and started singing YMCA (hehe) by the time the computer was going again, my mate started playing YMCA, and everyone went nuts.. turned out to be a great night =D

Valuable learning experience, but don't always rely on a *generic* mp3 player to save the night, sometimes it's just better to get up, admit the problem. and sing along.....

Havn't been lucky enough for this to happen in a bar, but if it does, i'll look up, smile and pretend it was meant to happen.


Posted Mon 07 Mar 05 @ 1:24 pm
djchillPRO InfinityMember since 2005
Well I have never had a crash problem.I have a pentium III celeron 128 mb memory 40 gig,antivirueses spyware programs running,online with all chat messengers and still downloading stuff from the internet using download accelerator and mixed mp3 for about 2 hours straight and no problems.But the technique I believe is that I disable the max load and when I have time run a full analysis on the mp3's.So I don't have to use the max load feature most times.My mp3 loads at lighting speed an virtualdj almost uses no memory and processor power at all!

Posted Mon 04 Apr 05 @ 2:03 pm
true... but you loose the advantage of seeing the volume levels at the songposition grahics
other than that, its a way of playing the songs without loading them to memory
and good for a "slow" pc (like yours)

Posted Tue 05 Apr 05 @ 3:49 am
BarglerPRO InfinityMember since 2004
When I screw up a mix, the computer crashes, a drunk trips over the power chord, or whatever...I use this song: David Getta - Distortion

The song's intro sounds like he's talking into the studio mic at his producers telling them the sound is bad. LOL. Works perfectly, plus the song is chock full of easy loop points that will blend nicely into a variety of house/trance styles.

Can't remember which site I purchased it from, but it is a nice tool to have in the bag.

Posted Tue 05 Apr 05 @ 4:35 am
Dev staffHome userSenior staffMember since 2003
Both the VBR and the plugin crash problems have been corrected in the new version to come (v2.07).

Posted Tue 05 Apr 05 @ 11:44 am
djchillPRO InfinityMember since 2005
DJ Dev I am having a problem with a couple of the effect plugins for virtualdj.For instance the backspin plugin when I click it the crash guard comes up and I have to either shutdown or recover.But as yu mentioned I am really looking forward for version 2.07 which corrects that problem.I am glad that yu mentioned this.thanks.

Posted Wed 06 Apr 05 @ 3:24 am
djcelPRO InfinityModeratorMember since 2004
"DJ Dev" lol In fact, it's the developpers of Atomix Productions

Most of the plugins are developped by VDJ users so they could have bugs inside (we are not so perfect as Atomix Productions). But to my knowledge, first time i hear about an issue with the plugins. Maybe an internal conflict . Backspin never crashes for me that's why it's very strange. Try to download the plugin again,maybe...

Posted Wed 06 Apr 05 @ 3:44 am
djcelPRO InfinityModeratorMember since 2004
In fact your pc is really too slow: 128 Mo is really not enough for Virtual DJ effects (Sometimes plugins are optimized in memory, sometimes in speed but not in memory). Try to upgrade this first. I have a 700 MHz celeron with 512 Mo of SD-Ram and it always works. Of course with low processor influence

Posted Wed 06 Apr 05 @ 4:01 am
Its fixed in the upcomming 2.07
Plugins can not crash VDJ anymore

Posted Wed 06 Apr 05 @ 1:47 pm
dj_cashPRO InfinityMember since 2004
perfect :D I had problems with a plugin too, looking forwrd to 2.07 :D

Posted Sat 30 Apr 05 @ 7:35 pm

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