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Topic: Bose L1 Model I System

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DJ ELPRO InfinityMember since 2005
Does anyone here use the Bose L1 Model I or Model II System at any of their gigs? I went to a wedding recently where the DJ used the Bose speaker and a Mackie 18" active subwoofer and I could not get over how fantastic the sound was. It hardly seemed possible that all that music was coming from that column speaker. There were about 60-70 people at the party and everyone was having a good time. I was shaking my head the whole evening. I am considering purchasing that unit. I was wondering what anyone else's experience, if any, has been with a similar setup.

Posted Thu 15 Nov 07 @ 11:31 am
GaryBrPRO InfinityMember since 2006
I love the Bose sound. I always used to use the 802's and always loved how good they sounded. I haven't heard the L1's though.

What always noticed with the 802's is they like to be driven hard to get the best sound fro them. Not great for background stuff but amazing when you work them hard. Also you needed the active equaliser which I beleieve was the 802c or they sounded crap.

Have you heard the 802s DeeJay EL, did they ave the same sort of sound?


Posted Thu 15 Nov 07 @ 3:29 pm
DJ ELPRO InfinityMember since 2005
I've never heard the 802's. All I know is that the L1 rocked. Not sure what its max would be in terms of people at a party, but there seemed to be plenty of power and volume to spare. It comes with an amplifier built into its base, which is kewl. It is so easy to put together, also. I can see myself using it with my Yamaha subwoofer. Try locating a Bose store and check out the L1.

Posted Thu 15 Nov 07 @ 3:50 pm
I love my B1 system... One tower can do over 200 people with just tower. The sound is great for low sound dinners but to get the best sound ( stereo ) you do need 2 of them IMHO... It just covers the area better for sound. The low end is a clean sound so it takes getting used to not having your bodies inners not vibrating from the preasure going through it. Everytime I use it I get at least 2 compliments on my sound. You can also be so creative with hiding the towers so its not noticed. I had a guy come from way accross the room to look for the speaker before he realized where it was which was next to me. The cost is very high so do I personally think it's worth the money - HELL YEAH!

From the time I park I can have my audio party ready in about 10 minutes which gives me time to work with my lights, talk to other professionals and get dressed. How many times when you wanted to leave to go the party but got behind schedule. And every minute that goes by you get into a panic mode of worry. Even though you know you can set in time for party. You just hope nothing fail during setup. This set gives me more assurance in what I do.

Bridal show are so easy to do. I don't have to turn it up very loud so I can have a conversation with the future clients. Setup the VDJ with two monitors, one running full screen pictures and your personal screen showing your view of the system running automix with videos. Now people are excited about all the visuals and sound you created. Icing on the cake on top of what your offering for service. Take your back up system with you for setup to show a back up plan. Everything is show clean and people can hear your music in the other side of the but it's not annoying to everyone. MONEY IN THE BANK BABY!!!!

break down and setups are a snap. Great for pull parties and other smaller events. I throw an outdoor movie night every summer in the park using VDJ and B1's. People love the fact that is sounds like surround sound with movies. I use one tower for watching movies at home.

Go to the bose store and take a copy of the TMX theatre intro with you. It's amazing. I use this for sound checks and showing off the power during events. People are plown away.

Have I bragged enough... I can go on.

Posted Thu 15 Nov 07 @ 4:32 pm
DJ ELPRO InfinityMember since 2005
The DJ I saw had only one tower, but man that was good enough. The Mackie sub took care of the bottom end and the Bose took care of the rest. At first I had looked around the room for another tower, but he only had the one sitting atop of the sub. Amazing! I'm guessing that the two pieces that comprise the tower are left/right modules, yes?

Posted Thu 15 Nov 07 @ 10:27 pm
Yes, theres 24 mini drivers in the tower which is connect to a very nice amp unit. You can use the base amp without the tower to drive other non bose speakers. It has every plug in except rca... you can hook up a digital line to record from the unit. Last summer I had it set up in my garage with shure 58 wireless mic - walked +/- 100 yards and could still hear my voice clearly.

I got rid of my huge v8 triton truck because I don't need the room anymore. I load everything in a car now which is great for gas prices.

Posted Thu 15 Nov 07 @ 11:24 pm
DJ_SVOPRO InfinityMember since 2006
Do a search on Cap Capello, he's a member of this board he'll be able to point you in the right direction.

Posted Thu 15 Nov 07 @ 11:27 pm
DJ_SVO wrote :
Do a search on Cap Capello, he's a member of this board he'll be able to point you in the right direction.

Ahh yes, I agree... It was because of his insight I went to the Bose system... Thanks svo

Posted Thu 15 Nov 07 @ 11:54 pm
DJ ELPRO InfinityMember since 2005
Can't seem to locate any Bose-related posts on Cap Capello.

Posted Sat 17 Nov 07 @ 11:17 am
DeeJay EL wrote :
Can't seem to locate any Bose-related posts on Cap Capello.

your best bet is to go to .... look under the DJ forums and you will find him lurking around.

The bose forum is similar to VDJ's. Everyone is willing to answer your questions

Posted Sat 17 Nov 07 @ 11:12 pm
Cap I have leveled your post to moderator due to personal info being posted.

Posted Fri 02 Oct 15 @ 6:20 am

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