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Author - Topic: DirectX problem with latest Hercules Drivers -


Professional edition user
Posted Tue 26 Oct 04 @ 4:48 pm
I'm using VirtualDJ 2.04 and installed latest Hercules drivers yesterday. When i try to run VDJ in ASIO mode i always get the error message: 'DirectX Sound Driver Error'. After that VDJ immediately shuts down or rather the program doesnt load at all. Any ideas ?


No license user
Posted Tue 26 Oct 04 @ 6:43 pm
VDJ is probably trying to find the console in the normal mode and since you changed it to asio it can't find it anymore. I think the easiest sollution is to set the console back to normal mode and remove the console from VDJ config, then change console driver back to asio and set it in VDJ.

hope that helps


Professional edition user
Posted Tue 26 Oct 04 @ 7:44 pm
I tried what you suggested.
Started VDJ (still in Normal Mode) and set it to use my internal soundcard, then closed the program and changed the Console Mixer to ASIO mode. Then after i restarted VDJ chose to use the console again with the result that i got the VDJ error message 'A fatal error has occurred ...' crashing the program.


Professional edition user
Posted Wed 27 Oct 04 @ 7:55 am
Hello All,

i have the Problem, too
Is the support of ASIO not Correct in the Version 2.05 ???

Please response



Limited edition user
Posted Fri 29 Oct 04 @ 3:50 pm
hi there,
I have the same problem with direct x .... and getting crazy when you need to restart - configure and so on - all 3 minutes....
Please some good advice with this new product

(also the same pb with VDJ2 !!)


Ultra-VIP Member
Posted Fri 29 Oct 04 @ 7:41 pm
There is a big problem, god knows why it's now, but basically at best I can only get one output of the console to work (as a soundcard)...

and i'm also getting the direct x driver errorr too, on opening up the software and also when i make changes in the sound card set-up, i'm not a happy man!, because I need it all working toight!!..

Also i don't think the problem is just with the new drivers as i don't yet have the new drivers, but i'm dl'ing them now to see if that fixes it...

Anyone got the answer on a quick reply please?...


Experienced pro user
Posted Sat 30 Oct 04 @ 3:10 am
i think i'm a lucky man.
i updated the console but there's nothing wrong.
also the dj mode with asio works for me.

if i had this problem i would unistal the hercules driver. and reinstal.


Ultra-VIP Member
Posted Sat 30 Oct 04 @ 5:19 am
It seems the ltest drivers work fine, so all good...


Professional edition user
Posted Sat 30 Oct 04 @ 10:20 am
ASIO mode with new Hercules drivers is still not working for me unfortunately. I tried reinstalling the drivers with no success. Still i get the DirectX error mentioned above. I thought maybe the reason for the not working driver installation was that i didnt disconnect the console as i installed the drivers for the 1st time, but after reinstalling them with the console disconnected the same problem remains. Guess i have to wait until there is a new version of VDJ out that supports ASIO without bugs.


Atomix Productions
Support Team
Posted Sat 30 Oct 04 @ 11:47 am
Dj console asio drivers must not be real asio but something
like "emulated" asio.
You can't use wdm and asio at the same time, if you set to
asio mode, the wdm driver is not working and via versa.
Example, set to asio and try to play winamp, hercules is shown
as output (wdm) but it gives errors.
It is not Vdj problem but Hercules problem.
When you start Vdj it try to find the driver you had setup
the last time you use it.
This is the same for the new and the old driver.
Now even if you have success to use hercules asio with Vdj
you will hear the sound IN WRONG SPEED... This is because
dj console is "locked" at 48k internal, (like those terrible sound blasters)
(Asio is a direct connection between soft and hardware so...)
There is a limitation in virtual dj, other dj soft do real time resample (but it is not the best solution)
The only way to hear music in the "RIGHT" speed is to use
the timecode and hercules asio on both input and output.
Then ... its ok, (input sample rate is 48k too)
I dont recomment using Hercules asio with Virtual dj, they are not the best asio drivers i've seen...


Professional edition user
Posted Sun 31 Oct 04 @ 5:18 pm
All that guessing what actually might be the problem doesnt help much (in my opinion). But when Hercules comes up with new drivers after smt like 6 month of development, which they describe on their website as 'TOTALLY new asio drivers', i cant really imagine that they absolutely dont work.

What i think is that VDJ just hasnt been programmed to use these new drivers, cuz it relies on DirectX anyways and ASIO never really worked before (this might be the fault of the former hercules drivers and/or VDJ). All i know that other programs which use ASIO have a far better sound quality and latency than VDJ. Unfortunately these are also much more expensive. I'm still full of hope that this ASIO problem might get fixed someday and the console can be used in this mode as it should have worked from the 1st day on.

Maybe someone from the VDJ development staff can tell us why there are these problems and if its possible to fix them.

Dj dAn

No license user
Posted Tue 02 Nov 04 @ 2:44 pm
I've got the same problem also with the v.1.9

Hercules DevTeam

No license user
Posted Wed 03 Nov 04 @ 8:39 pm
Hi all,
We have tested the Virtual DJ full version 2.05 and our latest ASIO drivers available on the web.
Here are the results we found :

1- If you directly select the ASIO mode for DJ Console then launch Virtual DJ, you have this "DirectX..." error.

2- If you disable the ASIO mode in the DJ Console control panel and then launch Virtual DJ you are able to use Virtual DJ in non asio mode.
From there if you switch the DJ Console in ASIO mode and then select the ASIO config in the Virtual DJ panel and then choose Hercules DJ Console ASIO, there is a Virtual DJ crash !

3- We figure out a way to make it work in ASIO mode :
- Put the DJ Console in non-Asio mode and then launch Virtual DJ.
- In the config options inside Virtual DJ, select the "sound cards" tab and find the "Advanced Config" option
- Click on the advanced config button and make sure that "none" is selected everywhere. Press OK twice to close the config panel
- Close Virtual DJ
- Switch the DJ Console in ASIO mode
- Open Virtual DJ, then open the Config cpl
- Press the "advanced config" button
- Select "Hercules DJ Console ASIO" for the left desk, right desc and headphones. Select the proper channels of your choice.
- Virtual DJ is working in ASIO mode with the DJ Console. Even if you close Virtual DJ and relaunch it, it will still work...

We will see with the Virtual DJ team what can be done to make it simpler.

The Hercules Dev team


Professional edition user
Posted Thu 04 Nov 04 @ 9:09 pm
Is this a joke ?

I'm trying to laugh but i'm closer to tears ...

This is pathetic!

Hercules DevTeam

No license user
Posted Fri 05 Nov 04 @ 1:29 am
It's not the joke !
Works fine here with 2.05 version of Virtual DJ.
Is it the same version you are using ?


Hercules Dev team


Professional edition user
Posted Fri 05 Nov 04 @ 8:21 am
Actually i'm using v2.04 of VDJ right now with an external pioneer mixer. Before i chose the 4.1 option of VDJ, using chan's 1/2 and 5/6 as output to the mixer. Got it to work now as you described above, though this appears a bit complicated as first when you are used to the easier VDJ config before.
Nice that ASIO mode is working now and you dont leave the console customers on their own. Thanks!

Is it true - as i read above in this thread - that the new Hercules ASIO drivers are only 'emulated' and actually even change the speed of the tracks?


Professional edition user
Premium Member
Posted Sat 06 Nov 04 @ 1:59 am
Well, I tried the "solution" and it sounds like records that are supposed to be played at 33 are playing at 45.


Atomix Productions
Support Team
Posted Sat 06 Nov 04 @ 2:41 am


Professional edition user
Posted Wed 10 Nov 04 @ 11:51 am
well i hope the 2.06 version of VIRTUAL DJ will be more simple to use ASIO with HDJC ;)


Professional edition user
Posted Wed 10 Nov 04 @ 3:47 pm
I would be happy already if it works at all with ASIO ...

Unfortunately the effect that records are played too fast in VDJ with ASIO makes it impossible to use. Really sounds totally messed up ...
Wonder if Herc Dev Team read this? Almost seems that they dont want to comment on it ...

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