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Topic: Questions about MAC and iTunes and Videos and DJ software in General
Okay Got a few Questions for you MAC users and perhaps some people with any good advise (not retoric) about MAC comp's , Apple OSX, iTunes, and DJ Software.

start with software:

The corporate advertising would have us belive that Mac's are more reliable, True or false?
- Personal opinion: after repairing cars for 7 years I firmly beleive that all vehicles are crap and you should pruchase the one you like purely on how it looks. Same goes for Comps

What is a good MAC configuration to run VDJ, and a second video display?(DLP projector or second monitor)

How does VDJ perform on mac's when using bootcamp?

Can you play iTunes m4p's (audio) in VDJ while using bootcamp?

Do iTunes Video's play in VDJ while using bootcamp?

Do either of the two types of files play in other dj software that is available for mac? such as tracktor, mixvibes, futuredecks, djDecks, ect. Without the need to remove drm by stream recording or burning to cd?

Do most of the exsiting hardware - DAC2 have stable mac drivers? My dac2 in pc is a tank - never a single failure. I already know that the NUMARK VAPOURHARDWARE will be Mac compatable

How difficult are these things to upgrade - processors, vid cards, soundcards etc. Is it major surgery, or like the commercials is it just open,install and reboot?

Am I locked into using only Apple software? (just as bad as Microsoft IMO)

I don't use Timecodes but might somewhere down the line (always a possiblilty) how are they? do they have the same sound issues with MAC as they seem to with PC?

Does the automix have the same skipping issues in MAC as it does in pc? (fixed with a directX update)

The reason I ask is fairly obvious, I thinking of changing platforms. I cannot say I'm very impressed with the way Microsoft has packaged the new VISTA. There are too many Time-sensitive bombs just waiting to cost me money, and cause my system to give me the (virtual)finger

XP was alright
win98 to me was the best OS they have ever put out- worked and was reliable - no wonder they killed it.

Doesn't seem to matter what product is offered anymore, NO-ONE builds it to last more than 4-7years.

DJ Marcel
Purple Onion Nightclub

Posted Mon 05 Feb 07 @ 5:47 pm
Will VDJ play iTunes purchased songs?

Posted Mon 05 Feb 07 @ 10:08 pm
DjMikeySmiles wrote :
Will VDJ play iTunes purchased songs?

No. Nothing will, only Apple's players and iTunes.

Posted Mon 05 Feb 07 @ 10:48 pm
true true... and tunebite wasn't much help either with the itunes videos.......


I'm pretty convinced the itunes videos are a bust!

Posted Tue 06 Feb 07 @ 9:16 am

Too bad though; Because buying only what I would like is what makes it so attractive

Posted Wed 07 Feb 07 @ 12:04 am