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Topic: How to Broadcast
hey dis is war kid i make tunes and do dj mixtapes and all

me my crew wanna no how to broadcast online on Virtual DJ Cuz we stuck we tried on here but got confused and we tried on Shoutcast But it always says connectin and never does and all dat plzz can some one help my email --@--.--


Moderated by Lady Cameron
Sorry Murkle Man no email address is allowed from a demo user

Posted Thu 30 Mar 06 @ 3:01 am
Murkle man,

within VDJ it is possible to stream your live mix to a shoutcast server. This shoutcast server will make sure other users are able to connect to your mix and listen to it (live). Just like a normal radio station, but then the medium is internet. This functionality is available in the full version of VDJ, which you can purchase here on the VDJ website

VDJ has its own radio station (VDJ radio). You could be a DJ on the VDJ radio. You will be scheduled in. Only full version users could attent to VDJ Radio (for broadcasting)

Posted Thu 30 Mar 06 @ 11:17 am