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Topic: Humming noise when connecting laptop to speakers
esq2manPRO InfinityMember since 2003
I use a 1/8 to rca cable to hook my laptop to my mixer and then to american dj powered speakers. As soon as I plug in the 1/8 inch jack to the computer a loud humming noise starts coming from my speakers. It stops if I unplug the jack from my laptop, but leave it plugged into the mixer. How do I stop this?

Posted Sun 15 Dec 02 @ 2:34 am
SlumpHome userMember since 2002
Mhhh... is your cable ok (is it new?)? are u connecting it to the right spot in your laptop? What laptop model are u using?
Try to check if the Mic volume or controller in your laptop is in mute(remember almost all of these "tops" have built-in microphones and remember also, that if you connect a mic and get it near the speakers in which it's connected, if it's at a loud level, u will hear a lot of noise like the one ya sayin') try to see if the mic is put to "mute" in your sound card config.

Hope that this might help!!! would be better to have more details ok? G'Luck!!!

Posted Thu 26 Dec 02 @ 10:35 pm
LinekerHome userMember since 2000
I have the same problem:

I use a dell laptop with a sound blaster extigy external. When the laptop is powered with the electrical network then I have the humming noise. When it works with the battery, noise disappears.

Any ideas to solve it?


Posted Fri 27 Dec 02 @ 12:14 pm
invogueHome userMember since 2002
Have several DJ/Laptop/Mixer systems and only had this will a new Dell we got. Running off the battery, no noise. When plugged in, noise. Ground Loop problem.

A Ground Loop Isolator cable (Radio Shack or related store) will fix this. There is a version of this cable with a 1/8" plug on one side and a dual RCA white/red on the other end.

Good luck.
In Vogue

Posted Fri 27 Dec 02 @ 11:07 pm
MikeyHome userMember since 2001
I have a dell laptop and also had a humming problem. I turned the grounding on my power amplifier off and it stopped.

Posted Mon 13 Jan 03 @ 12:31 pm
Just put a 50 cent ground lift adapter on your power plug to the laptop and the problem will disappear.


Posted Tue 14 Jan 03 @ 6:50 am