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Topic: How do I do summat *ON* a "beat" ??

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OK, so I've seen the examples and beheld their commentless wonder. I've read the header files and stood in awe at the lack of explaination of each function's parameters... and now I am stuck...

I'd like to do some funky things by signalling other programs (most likely via MIDI or TCP/Pipes) ON THE BEAT.

surely there is some simple way of calling function xyz on the beat.....

All I can deduce so far is that I need to use the visual FX API, cos I don't think the audio FX API ever really knows when the beat is hit.....

But BPM would also be useful too, and this seems to be only available in the audio FX API.... (the mind boggles)

1) In plain english. How to I trigger a function *ON* a beat..

2) Why can't both API's get access to simple data, eg song name in audio FX and BPM in visual FX...
Just cos you can't see a use for some of these elements in either API, doesn't mean that the more derranged among us wouldn't want to use them ;)

DJ EffeKt
(Waiting to write some really fuX0rd-up plugins)

Posted Wed 02 Jan 02 @ 11:19 am
DJtalonHome userMember since 2001
Dude, if you could write a program that would output MIDI sync clock beat count jibba jabba (I don't know much about it yet), I would be so happy :D

What I really want is to be able to sync Atomix with midi clock INPUT, though. That way, when i get my Roland DJ2000 mixer, I can sync Atomix to a cd player :D

Posted Mon 07 Jan 02 @ 4:20 am

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