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Topic: [RECORD FEATURE] Can Atomixmp3 TRIAL VERSION can record ?
Hello guys I downloaded the demo version of atomix and I heard that its suppoed to record your mixes but whjen I try it it doesnt do it. Are you actually able to record with the demo or was I mistaken. Everytime I try to do it it says only in the full version

Posted Fri 12 Jan 01 @ 7:56 am
Hi Eugenio!

The RECORD feature is only availeable with the FULL VERSION.

Also the DEMO version doesn't includes other features, it's just to try the software.

With the RECORD feature you can save the mixes into a WAV file.

Felix (c8!
AtomiXmp3 'Latin' Team

Posted Fri 12 Jan 01 @ 4:44 pm
no, that is not true.
In the demo version, you do can use the recording.
But you still need to switch in "soft mix" mode, in the soundcard configuration.
(in the demo version, only "one soundcard, one output" mode is available, but you can still switch between hard mix and soft mix mode)


Posted Mon 15 Jan 01 @ 6:57 pm

Posted Tue 16 Jan 01 @ 7:52 am