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Topic: Virtual Folders Not Being Updated Automatically
Scenario: i organize my files into virtual folders,upon research etc.,i realize i have the wrong tagging etc.i correct the tags and rename the file inside virtual dj(not windows).
Problem: on vdj startup...i always right click my root music library and select add to library to make sure i have no errors of missing files,it looks like the virtual folders contents are not automatically they show the original tags and name before i corrected them..and it appears as missing.
Observations: using the relocate file option solves my problem..well sort of..i have partitioned my hard drive with dual boot(ps i am aware of placing the db file and 'folders' folder in the root of the other drive),when i do the same procedure on the other side of dual boot system(right click>add to db),i still get the error of the original wrong named song and it is showed as missing,and the relocate file option may fix but upon restart of reappears.
The only real solution i have found is to remove the file from the virtual folder that shows the missing file error,and then re add it with the renamed new file.
PS i know the virtual folder doesnt work like a filter folder...but is this a bug or this is just how the virtual folder works?

Posted Wed 27 Mar 19 @ 3:42 pm
What version are you running?

This was added in 2017:
Quote :
When renaming or moving files, virtual folders in root, and playlists in playlist folder are automatically updated as well

I notice it says "in root" above. Are your folders inside another folder?

Posted Wed 27 Mar 19 @ 5:40 pm
Yes...they are spread out all over...say my main root folder is called 'music' ...a virtual folder for example is nested in music/alternative/hott

Posted Wed 27 Mar 19 @ 7:26 pm
NicotuxHome userMember since 2014
I also notice this, not only with virtual folders but with everything since some updates VDJ2018 i think... real folders, covers, filters..., are not updating automatically all the time, have to force by going out then reenter to get the updated version. look like a delayed refresh is failing

Posted Wed 27 Mar 19 @ 8:29 pm
Well once u start editing stuff outside vdj...u may get errors...but i have edited using vdj tag i wanted to knw wat was goin on

Posted Wed 27 Mar 19 @ 8:50 pm
NicotuxHome userMember since 2014
That is it, block move, covers, tags modification, rename... from within tag editor not always appear in browser - and sometimes in tag editor itself i.e. cover, album ... - as they used to

Posted Wed 27 Mar 19 @ 9:38 pm
Any feedback??

Posted Sat 30 Mar 19 @ 9:23 pm
Seeing a few newer builds being released with nothing about fixes...

Posted Tue 23 Apr 19 @ 11:17 pm
@ groovindj
i can confirm that only folders not in the root are not updated and hence show file errors.
Root Virtual folders work fine and are updated.....
But this really needs a fix

Posted Fri 10 May 19 @ 12:10 am