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Topic: Deezer Downloads ??
Hey folks. Now since Deezer has just come out with apps for most OS's and now allows downloading for offline listening, do you think VDJ will arrange to allow Deezer downloads like they do with Content Unlimited? Sure would be great!

Posted Tue 15 Jan 19 @ 11:24 pm
They may do, but because Atomix already have a (not very good) paid subscription service that lets you cache I can't see this happening.

Posted Wed 16 Jan 19 @ 5:56 am
Also would be against their ToS. Offline listening is only available on a personal device, not on a laptop as far as i know. Hence limiting the playback to personal use only. Plus i dont think we need get into the whole using Deezer while dj'ing argument, as i think that's been done to death on here.

Posted Wed 16 Jan 19 @ 11:10 am