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Topic: PDF versions of guides
Hi everyone

If you think it's a good idea to have downloadable PDF versions of all the VDJ Setup Guides for controllers etc, so they can be read offline, please comment to this post.

Those of you who've been here long enough may remember that Atomix did once have PDF versions available - but they have since been removed, and now everything is online only - which sucks if you need to reference something and you don't have internet access.

I have mentioned this to Atomix before and was told (two years ago) that they're "working on it".

Since then, numerous controllers have been added natively to VDJ and their Setup Guides have been written by Atomix - but still no PDF versions. Guys at Atomix, if you're "working on it" then why can you not add a PDF when you put the guides online?

Posted Sat 29 Sep 18 @ 8:37 am
I'll bite.....I think you are right asking for PDF versions. Personally I printed mine out, but it is hard to read in the dim light of a gig.
Plus it's extra stuff to take, when everyone wants to pare back the amount of gear they have to hump about.
Mine is looking a bit tatty now, so may have to print it again.....Your guide in a file, on screen in a second. that's perfect!
Viva Le PDF....

Posted Sat 29 Sep 18 @ 11:33 am
Maybe just install a free pdf printer driver like dopdf or pdf995. And print to the virtual printer ... Then you will have pdf version

Posted Sun 30 Sep 18 @ 4:26 am
FYI I do already have the full Adobe Acrobat installed on my home tower PC here.

However, the way the manuals are presented on the web means that all the web site stuff is included on each page. Headers, footers, links etc. and all the links (inc from page to page) go back to the web, so you have to edit each page of the "manual" to remove/alter all the web site stuff.

It's too much to ask. Users should be provided with downloadable PDF versions as Atomix have done in the past.

Posted Sun 30 Sep 18 @ 8:46 am
VDJ RonPRO InfinityMember since 2010
Supplying pdf instruction manuals is standard practice for most companies therefore Atomix must have a very good reason for not conforming. That reason might be related to software piracy. It might be something they also don't want to discuss. They could estimate the total number of VDJ users from unique ip hits on the manuals. Also they might be able to collect other types of data. I don't object...they treat us well.

Posted Sun 30 Sep 18 @ 9:28 am
VDJ RonPRO InfinityMember since 2010
Hm.. it should read unique ip visitors but you get the idea.

Posted Sun 30 Sep 18 @ 2:23 pm

Posted Mon 01 Oct 18 @ 8:31 pm
I think it would be a great idea or even a wiki.

Posted Tue 02 Oct 18 @ 1:55 pm
I can see why they may be reluctant , the software is updated on a regular basis, so they may need to be recompiled .

Maybe the controller setup does not change much, but new features are added all the time

Posted Tue 02 Oct 18 @ 5:58 pm
BUMP - any progress on this, Atomix?

Posted Sun 09 Dec 18 @ 10:54 am
RanikiPRO InfinityMember since 2018
I certainly used to find having offline PDFs very useful and would like to see them back, particularly when I'm..... offline! ;-)

One issue that could be raised is that the info is constantly being updated due to great updates to the software however presumably this could very easily be dealt with by having a manual change-log?

+1 for bringing them back!

Posted Mon 10 Dec 18 @ 11:08 am
Raniki wrote :
the info is constantly being updated

For the main VDJ manual, yes. It gets updated when there are changes to the software - but controllers and their mapping tend to stay the same, or change very little.

The online manuals for my controllers haven't changed since 2016 (according to the dates on the manuals).

Posted Mon 10 Dec 18 @ 12:23 pm
In that case I guess you know well how the controller works and do not need a manual anyway
(LOL could not help it) :)

Posted Mon 10 Dec 18 @ 6:56 pm
Well it's not just about me! There are a huge amount of controllers supported by VDJ, with more added regularly.

To me it seems wrong that all those thousands of people are unable to download and keep a PDF version of the VDJ Setup Guides on their computers that they can use when out & about gigging, without needing an internet connection.

Posted Mon 10 Dec 18 @ 9:36 pm
Yes, forgive me. I agree, this is probably very useful.
But for me I would not use a controller for a gig that I feel I would need a manual to rely on. I must be confident enough and know it well before using it live.
In case of questions or other things that need to be cleared, update mapping, and such, will be at home.

Posted Tue 11 Dec 18 @ 8:35 am
I'm not suggesting that people need the PDF because they're unfamiliar with their equipment (to that degree).

These days there are a lot of knobs and buttons on controllers, way beyond what is needed for basic DJing. It's that extra stuff that may require a quick glance at a manual.

Also, the way some things are mapped in VDJ doesn't quite match the original use (with Serato, Rekordbox or whatever) so it's useful to remind yourself.

Posted Tue 11 Dec 18 @ 6:28 pm