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Topic: what to YOU have your custom buttons set to?
unless its top secret? :D

im curious to know what the VDJ community likes to set their custom buttons to
personally i cant think of anything more than pitch lock, which i do use a lot.
i could do with some inspiration on how to use these and besides but it could make for an interesting thread.

Posted Thu 08 Mar 18 @ 10:19 pm

Posted Fri 09 Mar 18 @ 12:23 am
no secret. just simply whatever I feel like at the time. only takes a few seconds to change one, so you have plenty of options.

Posted Fri 09 Mar 18 @ 12:41 pm
locodogPRO InfinityModeratorMember since 2013
My custom buttons do all sorts of trickery.
There's bits to custom buttons that aren't well documented, you can call custom buttons and the variation, (like third slot on custom button 1) so I use them for script objects, so say I have a long script that in several places uses deck X level 0% (simple example) so instead of using the direct script I call the custom button variation,

Also custom button names allow you to save strings of text. (Pm to addion, "can we save stings" "not yet." What about custom button names?" "Aw yeah you can do that")

Also I had a project that used stupidly long poi scripts that called maybe 5 or 6 of a possible 30 custom buttons to give beat aware fx sweeps.(over complicated but until we get beat timed repeat_start scripts, it does a job)

Mostly I use custom buttons as visuals these days, pad pages are my script sketch pad, so I use custom buttons as indication that something in my scripting has gone wrong. Mute is one I use
Echo fx strength 100% (press drops it to 30%) is another

But all in all, use custom buttons for stuff you don't have a hw button for (or something that only needs one mouse click and not devoting a hw button to)

Posted Fri 09 Mar 18 @ 7:41 pm
locodogPRO InfinityModeratorMember since 2013
Back in the v7 days, script couldn't call other puttons that called script, that limitation still exists in skins but with hw, poi and custom buttons + pad pages you can create looping script, done right it works fine, (there still might be an issue with delayed db script (old project)

Get it wrong and vdj will crash, but I'm talking about a logic loop that is like the stuff of Irobot, and to be fair I think I've seen vdjs script engine see my substandard script, run through it a few times and then disregard it as "ive done the same thing 300 times in the last second, and there's nothing more that can change, I'll drop this script"

Posted Fri 09 Mar 18 @ 7:52 pm
I use then to change browser colour. Specifically so I can highlight the previous gig in a venue from history so I'm not repetitive playing the same tracks two gigs in a row.

Posted Fri 09 Mar 18 @ 8:38 pm