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Topic: phrase counting , merging and mix points
beekanePRO SubscriberMember since 2014
Hi All, (novice alert - might be a question which has no fixed answer )

i love /like and need patterns in music if i want to mentally visualize a track by remix points opportunities.) so i follow the practice of breaking down a track. in phrases so i can combine the track progression by both its phrases and 'knowing the track'. i prefer to practice this by counting and write down each phrase length. (and verify by converting to track length to check the counting)

does everyone do this or am i holding on to much to patterns? without the pattern i cannot 'find' a mixing point, its like dropping the needle somewhere, beatmatch the tracks and then hope for a suitable mix point... not doable for me...

regarding phrases: the ear is deceiving so when i see many phrases or phrases that are imho too different in length, then i tend to merge them if possible: is this uncommon or does it depend on the genre and if so, are all tracks in a genre following a phrase logic?

i took a 125 bpm track of 5m.54s (drop it - camelphat) and ended up with (736beats / 184 bars / 10 phrases with beatlength 0.48s -> came 1.72s short, about 1 bar and vdj
analyzed the track different in bpm so that might explain it.)

i got to:

i simplified it to:

32, 16 24, 8 ,24, 16, 32, 32


32, 16, 24, 8, 20, 20, 32 ,16 ,16

(10, 8 ,9 phrases) as 'progression defining' phrases from different tracks can blend or take over the progression, merging phrases could ease / extend the mix possibilities

or am i applying too much math too the logic of DJing?

Posted Mon 12 Feb 18 @ 8:56 am
Hey ,nice to meet you
I 'm a new user and try my best to learn it.From your post,I was pleasantly surprised to find that you were using mathmatical logic of DJing
and i feel so suprised .oh,Can you share your experience ? I must be honored.and thak you so much.
See you later.
By Dj Ellie Mint

Posted Mon 12 Feb 18 @ 9:40 am
Those of us who beat mix correctly do this BUT, 1 big but, automatically. it becomes instinctual. We just know!!!

Posted Mon 12 Feb 18 @ 9:48 am
Yeah, I'm not going to tell you it's "too much math" if that works for you. However, I don't know anyone that uses this technic. It just comes naturally. Even in the beginning, before drum machines, we just learned the music, and figured out the best spot to mix. It is a lot easier to mix now with the ability to "see" the music, so I would advise you to just take your time, and not over thing this art form. If you have the passion for it, it will come. On the other hand, if you are a math whiz and just have to know everything, go for it. It really is not that complicated, because math gave me the most trouble as a scientist. Fortunately, there were calculators and then computers.

Posted Mon 12 Feb 18 @ 7:14 pm
most songs are written in 4/4 time so every 32 beats there is a pattern change and at 64 or 128 there may be a verse change...counting beats is good to start but like the other DJ's said, you will acquire an ear or instinct for when to mix to the beat after awhile. If you are in a club 6 nights a week this feeling for the beat will come on fast. Doing random gigs and mixing at the house,may mean, it will take some time. Many club vinyl mixes had wider grooves on the disc so you could see when the mix was coming up. i.e. Ultimix Records from Dixie Dance Kings in the 70's and 80's.

Posted Sun 25 Feb 18 @ 11:46 pm