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Topic: LOCK Browser windows - Sideview - Sidelist... ???
VDJ7 had tiny LOCK icons that would lock these browser windows. But they aren't present in VDJ8.

How exactly can we LOCK these areas so they don't open and close when locked?
I've searched the forums very thoroughly, but could not find an answer.

Thank you :)

Posted Sun 12 Apr 15 @ 5:59 pm
RobRoyPRO InfinitySenior staffMember since 2012
In V8 these Windows do not open automatically when moving the mouse across them.
Just click on the specific label to open; click again to close.

Posted Mon 13 Apr 15 @ 12:57 am
Are you saying the LOCK window functionality has been removed entirely?

Posted Mon 06 Feb 17 @ 1:37 pm
PachNPRO InfinityMember since 2009
No,... They just don't open automatically if you hover the mouse over the side view.

Just click on the label that says "Sideview" or "Info".
You'll find them at the right side of your browser.

If you click on them, the sideview will "open" and you can resize it if needed.
Click again and it will hide again.

Posted Mon 06 Feb 17 @ 1:49 pm
djdadPRO InfinityDevelopment ManagerMember since 2005
Actually, the Browser windows (Folders, Sideview etc) open automatically when draging a track and mouse is over their separator buttons

Posted Mon 06 Feb 17 @ 3:43 pm
I understand. It's another new, 'feature', removing the LOCK button. There is no longer any way to LOCK the panels when set exactly as you like them.

Posted Mon 06 Feb 17 @ 3:56 pm
Just unlock them then resize. They will then stay that way until you manually either drag or close them.

Posted Mon 06 Feb 17 @ 4:37 pm
soundsxtreme wrote :
I understand. It's another new, 'feature', removing the LOCK button. There is no longer any way to LOCK the panels when set exactly as you like them.

Actually you could never lock them.
What the padlock on VirtualDj 7 did was to "lock" the panels open instead of opening/close automatically.
Even if the padlock was active on a panel you could still drag the panel to resize it.

On VirtualDj 8 the panels are always "locked"
"Locked" is not the right term of course, but they are always as if in VirtualDj 7 you had the padlocks active.
Now the panels won't open/close automatically when you move your mouse over their area. Instead they open/close by clicking their caption.
That's the only difference.

If by "lock" you mean a way to prevent accidental resizing of panels e.t.c. then that's not possible now and it wasn't possible before in VirtualDj 7 as well.

In VirtualDj 8 there's a small 'hack' that could behave as a "lock":
The size and status of browser panels is stored within program settings.
This means that once you have everything set as you like you can create a backup of your settings.xml file and if you ever need to restore the browser you can restore the settings.xml file back.
Or you could edit the settings.xml file and replace the "new" stored setting with the "old" one.

Posted Mon 06 Feb 17 @ 7:18 pm
locodogPRO InfinityModeratorMember since 2013
I'm wondering if you could set the browser layout with script via the
Depending on what I'm doing, playing live/reviwing/database work, different layouts/fields are needed.

I think I tried copying the entry in settings into a script but it didn't work.

Posted Wed 08 Feb 17 @ 6:50 am
No, you can't. The info is stored inside settings.xml but the info itself is not visible on settings tab, not is accessible via VDJ script.

Posted Wed 08 Feb 17 @ 1:32 pm
when in touchscreen mode its very easy to accidentally resize the browser and sidelist settings. Really should be able to be locked.

Posted Wed 11 Sep 19 @ 7:07 pm