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Topic: When will Virtual DJ 8 be available, and will work with the American Audio VMS4/4.1 /2
I recently viewed Virtual DJ 8 being demo'd on Youtube, it looks good. I'm looking to upgrade when VDJ8 is on final release. When will Virtual DJ 8 be available, and will I be able to use my VMS4 with it.

Posted Mon 02 Apr 12 @ 8:42 am
You must be new here (LOL)

Release dates are never given - this is a FAQ. However, if you buy VDJ 7 Pro Full now, there is no further charge when VDJ 8 is out.

VDJ is compatible with USB MIDI, so any device which uses USB MIDI will function with VDJ, including ones which are not listed within the VDJ software itself (ones that are premapped). The VMS products are already mapped, and have been for some time now.

Posted Mon 02 Apr 12 @ 9:10 am
Don't forget VDJ works with USB HID and Timecode also.

Posted Mon 02 Apr 12 @ 9:28 am
djraszaPRO InfinityMember since 2005
Rumor has it VDJ 8 will be available September 8th 2013...

Posted Mon 02 Apr 12 @ 9:40 am

Posted Mon 02 Apr 12 @ 10:24 am
Now that's the type of information a person needs, and no I'm not new here just never bothered posting anything.

Thanks for the info.

Practice and N' Joy!

Posted Mon 02 Apr 12 @ 1:34 pm
pseftPRO InfinityMember since 2009
henryjake wrote :

Practice and N' Joy!

someones been watching elaskins

Posted Wed 04 Apr 12 @ 12:36 am
when the new virtual dj 8 is out will ther be a home virison of virtual dj 8

Posted Tue 16 Oct 12 @ 7:51 am
cstollPRO InfinityMember since 2004
Around Q2 2013 ...

Topic Locked

Posted Tue 16 Oct 12 @ 9:55 am