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Topic: Midi Mapping
NHumpheHome userMember since 2012
Hi guys i finally got my midi fighter in the mail and i need an experts point of view and mapping skills. i would like to be able to map my midi as some what like an mpc. i like the beat juggling and a lot of effects also que points. i also run fl studio 10 and would love to incorp my beats from there in my vdj and just have an amazing setup with all of the mapping so please help and im more than happy on helping you guys out on ideas and setups so just let me know.

Posted Mon 19 Mar 12 @ 10:40 pm
you need to upgrade to vdj pro to be able to map your controllers and add the midifighter to your existing setup...

when you do that you will then have access to load the sampler with the loops you made in fruity... you need to know that you have to load them onto a deck first and set the bpm and beatgrid, then you can loop them on the decks and record them into the sampler so they will beatlock with whatever track you are playing on the masterdeck...

If you are playing only samples to create a track on live you need to play a track on a deck with the volume down so the sampler has something to beatlock to.

To make the samples play you can map "sampler 1 play_stop" or "sampler 2 play_stutter" if you want drumming samples that will restart everytime you hit the button.

When you get vdj pro you will also have access to the sample manager plugin so you can create different banks of samples and load them easily in batches, and then I will send you the midifighters definition file I made so you can map the leds (this won't happen until you are a registered pro)

VDJ Pro also opens the door to the plugins, In regard to samples a really cool plugin is Duen Duen's "sidechain remix" what this does is trigger a sample when the level of your masterdeck drops below a level that you set on a slider, It fills in the space... It's pretty cool to have.

Another option when you get VDJ Pro is to rewire fruity as the slave, this makes fruity follow the transport of VDJ so you can mix in your songs and have the ability to control the fruity parameters and effects...

Posted Mon 19 Mar 12 @ 11:00 pm
NHumpheHome userMember since 2012
WOW!!!!!! you just blew my mind and i have no idea where to even begin, thank you for all of that and im just going to buy vdj pro right now so i can jump on thinks. what about even using the 20 day trial? does midi mapping not work on the trial?

Posted Mon 19 Mar 12 @ 11:08 pm
yeah it will work for the duration of the trial, after that it will revert back to the LE mapping and you will no longer be able to use the midifighter, although I'm not 100% sure you will be able to even use the midifighter in the pro trial as you need a folder that probably won't be on your computer... I have never used LE so not really sure tbh, but there is only one way to find out mark... LOL

Posted Mon 19 Mar 12 @ 11:20 pm
NHumpheHome userMember since 2012
ive mapped my midi to a very SH***y just tester just to see my midi light up but know i would like to just go ape sh** with it.

Posted Mon 19 Mar 12 @ 11:56 pm
the wiki is the best resource for mapping it explains the syntax used when creating mappings and has links to specific examples of scripts you can use on your controller, and it has the most useful resource which is a list of all the vdj script verbs with explinations and examples of their use.

Posted Tue 20 Mar 12 @ 12:11 am
NHumpheHome userMember since 2012
Is there a way where i could tell you or show you how i want my midi mapped and you could set it up for me???? or is this something that can only be done by me??

Posted Tue 20 Mar 12 @ 12:50 am
not at the moment sorry mate, I have too much going on to make a mixtrack mapping... Although I'm always open to bribes LOL... It is pretty easy to grasp how to map so give it a try to see how you go, If you have any specific questions I can help but a lot of it is covered in the wiki.

a good place to start may also be to type " synthet1c mapping" into a google search, but that will probably come up with a lot of results...

Posted Tue 20 Mar 12 @ 8:02 am
regerHome userMember since 2002
anyone can tell me how to save my shout cut Keyboard in Mapping? Each time i creat or modify my keys and colse the applacation it goes back to default.

Posted Wed 05 Sep 12 @ 10:04 am
It should normally save automatically. If not, then this is probably due to incorrect permissions. Please see

NOTE: In future, please use the correct forum. This is the mix lessons forum, not technical support. If you have any further problems, please open a new topic in either PC or Mac version technical support forums as appropriate for the computer system that you are using.

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Posted Wed 05 Sep 12 @ 11:18 am