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Topic: ASIO Driver problem - BOTH VirtualDJ problem and PC problem.
PROBLEM is "Error ASIO driver".

Well, just bought 2 Hercules DJ Controller Mk4, which comes with VirtualDJ 6 LE. I am as socialworker manager of 2 youthclubs for teenagers aged of 12 to 21. The Institutions are open social offers and free for all young who we can get from the streets of Hamburg, saying this just to make a picture of where we are using the gear, and logically then a non-profit institution. I will get back to that in my conclusion.

We googled for clues all friday night and I am educated PC-supporter and programmer before I got socialworker, so it's not the first time I have to do with Driver errors. Anyway - we found that a lot of ppl here have problems with the ASIO drivers for Virtual DJ, but not all have written what version of Virtual DJ, nor does it look like VIRTUAL DJ wants to or are able to fix the problems which some people gets.

We have come to the conclusion that it has to do with BOTH general driver installations on the PCs AND the VIRTUALDJ VERSION used.

PC 1 (AMD Sempron 1.2Ghz, 4Gb RAM, Windows XP Home):
As we first got the Hercules Mk4 we installed it on our Music-PC which was under the minimum power required; A Sembron 1.2Ghz with Windows XP Home. The Mk4 and Virtual DJ WORKED there (No Error messages - whatever we unplugged the Mk4, plugged in again in a new USB port. PROBLEM: CPU was too small for doing big loads of effects and such resulting that the playback simply just stopped and silence came - CONCLUSION 1: Virtual DJ LE worked fine.

PC 2 (Intel G620 Dual Core 2,6Ghz, 4Gb RAM Windows XP Pro SP3)
We then installed a brand new G620 Dualcore PC with latest Windows XP Pro SP3. Updated all updates from hardware manufactorers and Windows. PC runs superfast. Installed Hercules Drivers just as the other, then plugged the Mk4 in, then installed VirtualDJ LE again.
Error: ASIO error message! After reinstalling the Drivers for Hercules, and reinstalling VirtualDJ several times with same results, and with no clue what and from what software installation ASIO drivers should have been installed with, I thought of former Bulk softwares I have had in my time, like Power-DVD LT, Cubase Lite, Nero Lite and such. It is foolish to believe that the software producers gives us a 100% working software for free capable of doing the same as the versions they sell online. So why should VirtualDJ 6 LE be different?

Anyway - we downloaded the latest VirtualDJ Home v7.0.5 and installed it - we didn't even uninstall the LE version and started it. And everything worked super – CPU usage never came over 40%, telling us that our PC might be a bit too overpowered now ^^ .
BAD THING WAS JUST A MATTER OF DOLLARS: The first Virtual DJ Home did was scanning for controllers (which was good), then after detecting our Mk4 it urged us to BUY the PRO FULL Version for insanely 299,- USD. We were allowed though to test the software with controller for 10 minutes.

Installing VirtualDJ Home 7.0.5 right after getting errors from the Virtual DJ 6 LE Bundled with the Mk4, clearly tells us that Virtual DJ CAN make ASIO drivers work if they want to. It's on one side understandable that a bundled software should lead to buying newer versions of the software, but I honestly don't understand why people have to pay 299,- USD more for getting the bundled software to work...

btw: ASIO4ALL didn't work either, nor dit alternatives to VirtualDJ that we found. And I really don't see why I should look for alternatives when the version 7 solved the problem... I expect a comment from a Virtual DJ supporter...

Thanks for your time – and I am sorry to all you guys who also have problems with Virtual DJ's lacking Bundled Software....

Posted Sat 04 Feb 12 @ 7:37 am

Posted Sat 04 Feb 12 @ 7:47 am
the LE version works with the controllers it is bundled with and the problem you had is not intentional nor
some ploy to force you to buy the full version

if you need any further help there are lots of experienced friendly people who can get you fixed

Posted Sat 04 Feb 12 @ 8:24 am

Posted Sat 04 Feb 12 @ 1:19 pm