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Topic: Moving database fromone computer to another
Summary : how to adapt the XML for songs in C:\MUSIC that are relocated in F:\COPY_MUSIC\

Hi, here the situation. I usually use Virtual DJ on my desktop, the music is located in C:\MUSIC.
I create different kind of playlists, virtual DJ folders, filter folders and so on.
I make a copy of all my songs on a external drive M:\COPY_MUSIC\ (to use it with my notebook)
I know I have to copy the C:\virtualDJ Local Database v6.xml file to the external drive (M:\VirtualDJ Local Database v6.xml)
But in the database there is infomration like
<Song FilePath="C:\MUSIC\Stoner_Its_On.mp3"...
and this should change to
<Song FilePath="M:\COPY_MUSIC\Stoner_Its_On.mp3"...

Question 1: Can VDJPro do this or must i use a texteditor
Question 2: will my playlist, virtual DJ folders, filter folders,ect also be available?

Posted Fri 30 Dec 11 @ 12:47 pm

Posted Fri 30 Dec 11 @ 1:11 pm