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Topic: Export cue points to another computer Virtual DJ Pro 7
kanadsHome userMember since 2011
hey guys i dont know how to pass my cue points to another laptop. I already tried searching in the carpet where it is saved and i found nothing

Posted Fri 23 Dec 11 @ 10:56 am
on the ROOT of your DRIVE where your MEDIA is, copy VirtualDJ Local Database v6.xml
then under your users/username/documents/virtual DJ copy the entire folder.

Install VDJ on the NEW MACHINE and copy those over to the SAME SPOTS (making sure your MEDIA has the same DRIVE Letter)

Posted Fri 23 Dec 11 @ 3:35 pm
Speedy53PRO InfinityStaffMember since 2008
I have another way to do it.

If you have an external drive with a local database called "virtualdj local database v7.xml", I think there is nothing to do. VirtualDJ local database usually changes the drive letter if you plug your external drive on a new system and the letter changes. Well, this always works on my both computers with VDJ 7 and WinXP and 7.

If your media files are on a HD partition also with a local database, It is a simple copy-and-paste operation. Go to the disk root and copy all folder and files (including the local database) to the new HD partition or external drive.

If your media files are not on external drives/HD partitions and your database is located at /documents/virtualdj folder - a "main" database called "virtualdj database v7.xml" - you must have on your new computer the same folder structure to all your media files.
VirtualDJ database is based on filepaths, so if you want to keep your cue points (or keys, bpms, dates, etc.) to your new machine, the paths can not be changed.
The main database must be keeped on /documents/virtualdj folder.

If you want to migrate from an internal drive to an external drive, you must keep the folder structure and filepaths, and copy all data from main database to the local database, except from the header part. And do the (*) procedure. After that, "check" and "clean" your database.

* If the drive letter changes, open the database.xml file with windows notepad, and replace the drive letter with edit > replace. For an example, "J:\" to "H:\". The colon and backslash are important to avoid replacement errors.

** To external drives and HD partitions, you can use the windows disk management tool to change the drive letter. I am not sure you can do it on the OS drive or main drive (C:\).

*** Keep a database.xml backup, its very important if something wrong happens.

**** After the migration, you can move your files and change the folder structure by VirtualDJ browser. Then, your cue points are not lost once the virtualdj database will be upgraded too.

***** For Pro Users, there are database management tools that can help a lot with issues like that ones.

Posted Fri 23 Dec 11 @ 5:04 pm
Hey Guys my virtual Dj pro 8 can't save cue points....... Any time open the program, i would have to create the cue points again.
Please help.

Posted Tue 12 Aug 14 @ 9:54 am
PachNPRO InfinityMember since 2009
Cue points in v8 are just temporarily.
If you want to save this points, you have to use HotCues.

Posted Wed 13 Aug 14 @ 5:29 am
Hey guys,i have virtual dj 5,however,i wana upgrade to either vdj7 or 8.My only concern is my cue points,i tried upgrading to 7 and 8 before,but i ended up losing all my cue points.Can someone tell me how to upgrade on my same computer without losing my cue points

Posted Mon 28 Aug 17 @ 1:25 am
Please contact support.
For going from version to version 7 or 8 you 'll need to install version 6 first.

That's because the historic conversion of the database is V5 ->V6 (shared with V7) -> V8
The conversion is always done by the lowest version that supports the database scheme. This means that in your case the conversion is done by VirtualDj v6 and v8.
So, if you want to use version 8 you'll have to run VirtualDj 6 first and then VirtualDj 8.
If you want to switch to VirtualDj 7 you'll have to run VirtualDj 6 first and then VirtualDj 7.

Posted Mon 28 Aug 17 @ 6:51 am
actually i did the same but still my cues is not transferred
no idea what to do
any help will be appreciated

Posted Sun 19 Aug 18 @ 12:45 pm
nxwyxrkHome userMember since 2016
So I have a way that works. So on your original computer. go to Documents/Virtual DJ/database.xml. Open that file in notepad.

Now, download a program called Sublime Text. Its a powerful text editor normally used by coders. Once you have it downloaded. Copy everything in "database.xml" and paste it into sublime text.

In Sublime in the file bar navigate to Find > Replace.

In the top FIND box, enter where your music currently is, ONLY the root folder. Dont add any subfolders. Only The Drive Letter and the folder that the music is all in. (unless all of your music is loose inside the drive then only include whatever letter your drive is.

In the REPLACE box on the bottom, type in the drive letter of the computer you want it to be transferred to. So for me its F:\Music.

Hit replace all, it will replace all the files that say G:\ with F:\ at once so you dont have to do it manually for every single song.Save as an xml (DO NOT OVERWRITE THE OLD ONE), and copy that database.xml to your new laptop.

Posted Thu 20 Sep 18 @ 3:57 pm