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Topic: Microphone input

I am totally new to this piece of software, technical wise anyway. I have used it before just to play music. My question is as follows:

Is there a way to have 2 microphones plugged into the software at the same time without a external mixer? I have previously used SAM Broadcaster which appears to need a audio mixer. If this can have multiple inputs without a external mixer that would be awesome!

P.s. I am a total newbie at all this DJin stuff.

Posted Tue 27 Sep 11 @ 1:52 pm
I am in the same boat. How do I use one microphone please?
John S~

Posted Fri 30 Sep 11 @ 5:59 am
It would help if you mentioned exactly which version you're using....

Posted Fri 30 Sep 11 @ 6:28 am