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I'm trying to run VDJ with a 2.3 GHz AMD V140 Processor with 4G of RAM on 64-bit Windows 7. The CPU usage goes up to around 80% when it's doing nothing and when I load a song onto one of the decks it goes all the way up to 100% and doesn't go down at all, and the song loads pretty slowly.

Is there a way of reducing the CPU usage for VDJ? Perhaps a CPU-friendly skin or a simple settings adjustment? Any help ASAP would be great, I have a gig in 3 weeks.

Posted Thu 09 Jun 11 @ 8:18 pm

Posted Thu 09 Jun 11 @ 9:03 pm
Be sure to use a skin that is the same resolution as your monitor. Don't maximize a smaller skin. That will run your processor high

Posted Sat 11 Jun 11 @ 1:41 am
cnydjPRO InfinityMember since 2011
I have simular issue... How do I find the skin resolution?

Posted Mon 13 Jun 11 @ 7:38 am
there's an option that allows you to render your screen differently when you resize, fast resizing rather than quality. that might help if the skin is the issue. also try enabling/disabling your video pre-rendering, lower the length of tracks that it pre renders. If you're doing lots of trance and techno tracks then try lowering your limit to something like 7 minutes so you're uber long tracks aren't loading the full track right off. If you're not scratching of doing a lot of crazy mixing this isn't necessary to load the full 17 minute tracks right off. If you're loading flvs, transcode them to avi or mpg as the codec for those renders far more smoothly and uses a LOT less cpu. download the latest codecs also if you haven't already and last but not least, if you've got sonique or some other plugin running for audio only files (under video settings), uncheck that and let the tracks run solo without graphics addons that can be cpu intensive. double check to make sure you're not running anything nuts in your background on your pc. antiviruses, etc. you're running a show, not surfing the web or using limewire or something anyway so minimize what's running right off. my show laptop runs 43 processes WITH VDJ running with the video window up and it's windows 7 x64 so tasks can be minimal. i still use dwm and aero with glass so it's not nuts to use those. your system has the specs to more than run vdj, it's just a settings and background tasks issue.

Posted Mon 13 Jun 11 @ 12:39 pm
It will tell you the resolution in CONFIG -> Skins (E.g: VirtualDJ 7 (4 Decks): 1280x800), however this option is only available in the full VirtualDJ Pro or during the 20 day trial of Pro.

VirtualDJ Console Edition/LE is limited software and does not support custom skins. Depending on the version, the skin is normally available in a few common sizes such as 1024x768, 1280x800, etc. The skin in VirtualDJ Console Edition v5 is only available in 1024x768.

Make sure that you do not maximise or resize the skin (Use it at its correct native size), otherwise you may experience performance issues depending on your video card's 2D scaling capabilities.

For more options, you will need to upgrade to the full VirtualDJ Pro at a considerable discount: - You can then choose from a vast library of skins in a wide variety of different sizes from

Posted Mon 13 Jun 11 @ 3:46 pm
for all you guys having cpu high usage .....

I had the same thing.....the cure for me was.....

at your own risk

go into regedit -
find vitualdj on list....

go down and find - videomemmaxuse - right click on it and modify - set the very last digit to - 1 - save and come back to your regedit....

again your still in virtual dj ( regedit ) - go down and find - videomemfree - right click on it and modify - type in 1F9 ( number one - letter f - number 9 ) for the last 3 digits....

doing this reduced my cpu usage to more than half what it was.....used to be 100% spike when loading video, then it would stick there for couple mins....then only go down to 60-70%....

now i get - loading video - max 65%, then quickly falls to 15-20% where it should be :-).....with video running !

oh and by the way.....i got ALL my antivirus crap going, plus other things running to stress test vdj + video output ( all done on test machine )
seems to be lack of this info on here regarding high cpu usage....whether they dont want you to know this or they are just plain thick about there own software ! size had bugger all to do with it.....i had it all sizes and it still gave low cpu usage with this fix......i re-sized, pulled it half way down my monitor screen..still only 10% cpu usage !

all you can do is try it......happy low cpu usage guys ;-)

Posted Sat 23 Jul 11 @ 4:08 am
cheers for the help bigj2552 really made a big difference running so much quicker now =)

Posted Sun 30 Oct 11 @ 8:49 pm
Thx for the tips!

Posted Sun 30 Oct 11 @ 10:24 pm
I also use Game Booster (go to it's free, and helps close down programs you don't need and you can isolate Virtual DJ

Posted Fri 04 Nov 11 @ 9:17 am
Although my CPU usage bar hasn't reduced, VDJ is running better now!

Posted Wed 28 Dec 11 @ 6:03 pm
I made the changes. My machine seems to be running more efficient. However... Just in case. Do you know what the values were "before" the changes? In my excitement, I made the changes before I took note of what the default values were. I want to know what the default values are in case I run into an issue and need to change them back.

Thank you

Posted Wed 28 Dec 11 @ 6:28 pm
bar far i have to shake your hand but you failed to inform do not tamper with the registry ...if you have no idea what your doing get someone who knows something about computers cuz you can ruin your system , but any how another thing is some dont know how to get to their registry.. regedit means registry edit for those that dont understand what it means , windows -start -type regedit from there go to current user youll see vd dj there a list if keys then do as the instructions states ,and for the answer of how to set it back to their original numbers is minus the 1 and delete the 3 digits you typed in so it should be videomemmaxuse - 0 and videomemfree is -30 it could be different with different versions but i advise write it down before you make changes much safer again i gotta shake your hand hell you should be working on their staff

Posted Thu 05 Jun 14 @ 2:11 am
are you saying modify the values or binary?

Posted Tue 16 Sep 14 @ 6:17 am

Posted Sat 20 Sep 14 @ 2:48 am
When i had virtual Dj installed on my mac it worked fine...then I upgraded and my computer went bonkers...trackpad/mouse clicking on everything to the point i deleted the my computer is back to normal...I would like to reinstall the older version that may be more appropriate for my machine..

Posted Fri 20 Feb 15 @ 11:03 am
hi every one need some hlep , when i load a video or mp3 song my cpu bar on my vdj 7 pro goes up , how
can i fix this , thanx

Posted Mon 22 Aug 16 @ 1:36 am
espepePRO InfinityMember since 2009
Read the trhed well

Posted Mon 22 Aug 16 @ 6:47 am

Posted Wed 24 Aug 16 @ 12:40 am
soundlogikUSA wrote :
Same problem here.

Well no actually, latency (your problem) has nothing to do with CPU usage (the issue in this thread).

You also have a reply in your other thread, to which you have not responded.

Posted Tue 06 Sep 16 @ 7:19 pm
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