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Topic: Simple, straightforward way to rip DVD to Mp4?
Hey gang! HELP - All I need is a program to rip my promo only DVDs to Mp4. Simple. Straight forward. HANDBRAKE has way too many settings and options etc. Is there a simple program out there? I am finally going digital and will be getting future issues of Promo Only in Mp4 but I need to rip what I already have. PLEASE HELP..............

I've been DJing for years but am a newbie with digital DJing. I've looked around the forum so I'm sorry if this is a repost question....... I just want my Mp4's. Thats all. This is killing me! I WILL BE buying the PRO license soon, I just need a few weeks of practice at home before I buy, install and hit the road. No more having to carry CD's and DVD's will be nice..................

Posted Tue 01 Feb 11 @ 11:39 am
Handbrake is the simplest. No question. But I don't like ripping directly from the DVD within Handbrake because I like to crop the black bars out of the videos, and Handbrake crops all chapters/music videos as if they are all the same aspect ratio. For correct aspect ratio for each video, use DVD Decrpter to rip each video to its own VOB before encoding to MP4. Follow these instructions and I think you'll be happy with the results.

1) Use DVD Decrypter to rip each chapter (each music video) to an individual VOB. To do this..... Open DVD Decrypter, on the toolbar choose "Tools", "Settings", "IFO MODE" tab, "FILE SPLITTING: BY CHAPTER", click "OKAY", back to the toolbar choose "MODE", "IFO", check the box for each desired chapter, click the DVD to HDD button to rip)

2) Open Handbrake

3) Drag and drop the first VOB (or browse to it)

4) Check "Keep Aspect Ratio" box, "Anamorphic: None", "Modulus: 16", "Cropping" Automatic"

5) On "Video Filters" tab, everything should be off except "Decomb: Automatic"

6) Click "Add to Queue" and then "Start"

7) Repeat step 3 - 6 (all settings should actually be retained, and you don't need to click start again)

I've been using these settings for quite awhile and they work great. Handbrake does an excellent job of retaining quality. Filesizes can vary quite a bit, but that is because Handbrake is doing its job of giving extra size only when needed.

If there is a better quality ripping for filesize, I haven't found it. And after you get used to using the method above, it becomes pretty simple.

Good luck!

Posted Wed 02 Feb 11 @ 2:41 pm
mate im trying dvd decrypter and when i open ifo and go to splitting it doesnt give me option of by chapter just by size ie 700mb/1gb/2gb ect
is it a certain decrypter i should get

Posted Tue 22 Feb 11 @ 1:48 pm
JoeyKJPRO InfinityMember since 2008
Hi djtaffy,
Try these settings below.

Launch dvd decrypter and select "tools" then "settings". Under the "general" tab you should have :-

"File System To Parse" AUTO

"Remove Macrovision Protection" checked

"Check For Structure Protection" checked

"Hide Pack header Warnings" checked

under the "Other" heading, all should be checked

Anything else can be left at default.

Next click the "IFO Mode" tab.

"Select Main Movie" unchecked

"Enable Stream Processing" checked

"Uncheck Suspect Cells" checked

Set "File Splitting" to "By Chapter"

"Copy IFO File" checked

"Remove RC Protection" checked

"Remove RCE Protection" checked

Patch M2V Timecode" Checked
Everything else under "IFO Mode" should be unchecked.

NEXT, Click the "File Mode" tab

"Select Files" none

"Stream processing" set to "show all"

"File Splitting" set to "By VOB ID"

"Ignore Unreferenced VTS Sets" checkedy

"Remove IFO Structure Protection" checked

"Remove IFO RC Protection" checked

"Remove IFO RCE Protection" checked

"Patch M2V Timecode" checked


Click the "Stream Processing" tab and make sure "Convert PCM to WAV" is checked.

That's it! click "OK" and back to the main interface.


Next I'll describe how to rip a shared vob type disc. For this example I'll use a Mixmash disk.

Launch DVD Decrypter and from the "MODE" menu select "IFO". Put your chosen DVD into your DVD Reader, after accessing the disk you will see tick boxes appear in the "Input" tab that will say something like "VTS_01" Imaging the "VTS" as being a folder in windows explorer, click the little + at the left and it will branch out into something like "PGC 1" Imaging the PGC as being another folder 'within' the "VTS" one. Click the "PGC" and in the bottom left box you will see a list of "chapters". These are your individual tracks and as a default they should all be ticked. An average Mixmash disk has 15 tracks so you 'should' have 15 chapters showing.



When you do this, you will see "enable stream processing" is 'unchecked'. CHECK IT Now in the little window underneath you will see your two streams, one being the video stream and one being the stereo audio stream, these will be ticked by default. MORE ON STREAMS LATER (this is important)

On the left side of the interface, click the little picture of a folder to select your destination on your hard drive. When you've done that, click the green arrow in between the pictures of a DVD and a hard drive. After a while your individual tracks will be ripped to the folder as seperate vob files. JOB DONE

Good Luck,


Posted Tue 22 Feb 11 @ 4:40 pm
I don't know about handbrake but I use the dvd ripper that comes with virtual dj and the use format factory to convert the VOB's into mp4's a bit time consumiong but works flawlessly.

With the exception of the last track on the disc will often not rip. comes out as a 0- byte file??

you have to name the tracks manually but it automatically seperates all the chapters into seperate VOB's and then you just convert, viola!

Posted Tue 22 Feb 11 @ 5:15 pm
Intall Nero-->dvd decrypter-->DVD shrink. Get the .vobs , after you name the files use Nero Recode to get the mp4 (disable auto crop, and auto resize). That's all.

Posted Tue 22 Feb 11 @ 6:57 pm

Posted Tue 22 Feb 11 @ 10:14 pm
I downloaded this program today and yet it works beautifally. I tell it it not to convert the VOB files though because I prefer to use format factory as I can set huge batch jobs up and let it run plus I like the conversion features better but just the fact the dj extractor actually names the VOB files cut the work load on these jobs by 75%

It's worth it! and it's free!

Posted Wed 23 Feb 11 @ 12:47 am
ok guys did one dvd using decrypter thanks to joeyk..tried to convert in handbrake said it converted to mp4 but wont play in quicktunes...after decrypted says they are mpegs is that right
thinking of just leaving them as vob as they are playing perfect in vdj...
are there pro,s and con,s of converting to mp4 format

Posted Wed 23 Feb 11 @ 1:20 pm
JoeyKJPRO InfinityMember since 2008
If it works, Why fix it.!!!, besides any conversion takes away something, so if it works why bother use the 100% you have, instead of less then 100%..

Use to be that mp4 was able to be tagged for VDJ import, now you'll be able to globally tag within VDJ....

Good Luck,


Posted Wed 23 Feb 11 @ 8:26 pm
I have a ton of videos in the vob format, that I ripped when I first started. I did not covert, because hard drives are large. The only difference is the size of the file, and you do not lose any quality. If you have a big enough hard drive, leave it as is.

Posted Wed 25 Sep 13 @ 3:57 pm
RobRoyPRO InfinitySenior staffMember since 2012

Posted Wed 25 Sep 13 @ 4:25 pm
dfyffePRO InfinityMember since 2003
" If you want to convert with no effort, really good qualtiy and very fast convertion speed just use wondershare video converter.
i`ve testet dozens...and this was the very best...!! single files or a whole dvd...just 2 clicks..."

+1 Great for audio & video convertion, you can also crop, batch convert, fastest i could find.

Posted Thu 26 Sep 13 @ 6:55 am